The Yankees Gleyber Torres Conundrum and WHY ITS BELIEVED HE WILL BE TRADED This Offseason

As we push closer and closer to the end of the lockout everyone is guessing on which moves the Yankees will make. One that was told to The King Source be MLB sources is INF Gleyber Torres will be traded. Lets take a look at the pro’s and cons of this.

1st lets talk about the insane projected put on Torres prior to the 2020 season per

HOLY YIKES! Couldn’t be more off if it wanted top be!

So what happened then?

Remember every player was aided or harmed by juiced balls in 2019. Did this cloud everyone’s perception of Torres? I just may have. No player in baseball had had NEAR AS MANY wall scrapers (a home run that barely gets out) in his career as Torres since he debuted.

So we factor that in and how many of this 38 HR’s in 2019 would not have gotten out if not for juiced balls? Almost all of them. Per stat cast only 9 of his HR’s that year get out if not for the juiced balls.

How is this calculated? Well juiced balls were known to add 15-25 feet on average per fly ball hit depending on the height trajectory (Or launch angle) of the fly ball. Torres’s fly ball average height trajectory was just over 17% and thus every HR he hit in 2019 that landed within 17.5 feet of the fence is removed to get the projection of only 9 HR’s for 2019 without the juice balls.

As such the Yankees have a major, MAJOR Gleyber Torres conundrum… What to do with Torres now that they know he is not the player they and their fans once thought he was. NOt even close! He has ever proved he can’t handle the SS position at the MLB level!

So what to the Yankees do? EASY! Trade him while he still has some trade value!

The Yankees are confirmed by me and other to have bene offering Torres in almost every trade discussion pre lockout and will continue to do so post lockout. Stay alert as the most likely outcome has him with another team in 2022.

Its plan as day Torres needs a fresh start with another team as he will never be the player the Yankees dreamed he could be.

So what teams could he head to? Well per sources the following in weighted order:

  1. Oakland Athletics
  2. Cincinnati Reds
  3. Milwaukee Brewers
  4. Philadelphia Phillies
  5. Chicago Cubs

That’s the known list this far. However you spell it Torres is as good as traded already!

Just wait till the lockout ends as Torres name will fly around in trade talks.

I predict based off the inside info I have he’ll be in the trade package heading to the A’s for 1B Matt Olson+.




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