The Yankees Trade for INF/OF Rougned Odor.

The Yankees have made an extremely rare early season trade, completely out of their caricature, for lefty hitting power hitting INF/OF Rougned Odor. This is a GREAT, GREAT get! Lets talk about why.

1st here’s the Yankees announcement:

The Yankees got him for nothing as the Rangers are eating his contract. How did Cashman get the Rangers to do this?

Its lowering the Yankees luxury tax $ by over $1 Million.

Its adding a proven lefty power bat that is extremely needed while all signs booting a player in Tyler Wade who can’t hit worth crap!

They traded 2 prospects i OF Josh Stowers, and C/OF Antonio Cabello who were never making the Yankees as well.

100% a great trade.

The other plus here is Odor has always BEEN the protect and batter lower in the Rangers lineups. He’s never had good stuff to hit. HE WILL WITH THE YANKEES!

He can also paly all over the field. with the Rangers he has played: 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, LF, and RF. Very versatile.

Why wouldn’t the Yankees grab a great YOUNG AT STILL JUST 27, payer for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING?

Its a no brainer! The Rangers are literally PAYING HIM TO PLAY FOR HE YANKEES!

Just imagine him getting all kinds of stuff to destroy into the RF porch batting between Judge and Stanton? YIKES FOR OTHER TEAMS!

This is the most no brainer move for Cashman ever! Easy decision. Also makes cutting Wade a no brainer. He’s going to make Yankee Stadium seem very, VERY small!

For example here’s his 2014-2018 spray chart which shows 53 more HR’s if in Yankee Stadium (several down the left field line which is kinda odd):

Rougned Odor and Joey Gallo: A Tale of Two Extremes | FantraxHQ

He’s a perfect fit for Yankee Stadium and to provide some lineup balance!

I do expect a DFAing or another trade very soon. Pay attention as a 40 man more must be made for Odor. If I had to guess its Wade getting DFA’d.








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