Why the Yankees will sign Snell, Hader, and IMANAGA OVER Yamamoto

As the MLB season starts to wind down, we start to look at the upcoming offseason.

The biggest INTERNATIONAL FA is Yoshinobu Yamamoto (Means: Christ Mountain).

Should the Yankees pursue him? NO WAY! He will literally cost MORE THEN LHP’s Blake Snell, Josh Hader, AND Shota Imanaga COMBINED!


The expected contract for Yoshinobu Yamamoto with AT LEAST 10 teams in the bidding will be Cole like. AT LEAST $280 MILLION and if not $300 Million.

The expected contract for Blake Snell is on the CC Sabathia and Carlos Rodon level around 7-8 years and $160-$165 Million.

The expected contract for Josh Hader, bearing in mind reliever contracts are tanking, is expected to be around 5 years and $60 Million.

The expected contract for Shota Imanaga is expected to be around 5-7 years and $10 Million per.

Add these 3 together and you land around a total of $280 MILLION…

Why should the Yankees even talk to Yoshinobu Yamamoto when they can load up with 3 great lefty arms FOR THE SAME $?


The other side of this is the Mets, Dodgers, Cubs, Rangers, Giants, Phillies, White Sox, and others will skyrocket Yoshinobu Yamamoto’s FA value with massive bids making it not worth the Yankees time.

BY: Adam King







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