Do the Yankees have ANY CHOICE BUT to Trade for Juan Soto?

So I was watching a video put out by my good friend Felix with NYYNEWS and it hit me, DO THE YANKEES HAVE ANY CHOICE BUT TO TRADE FOR JUAN SOTO?

Think about it as you watch the video here:

So the 2 teams about to get to the world series are mega spenders in the Rangers and Phillies proving SPENDING IS THE WAY TO WIN!

Not just spending but careful spending and acquiring players when you absolutely have to have them!

They also both have MULTIPLE great, GREAT impact LEFTY BATS!

The Rangers Corey Seager, Nate Lowe, ETC.!

The Phillies Bryce Harper, Kyle Schwarber ETC.!

Seager and Harper should be Yankees make no bones about it! Criminal they are not!

So I ask the question, how to the Yankees emulate this?

1st and foremost trading for OF Juan Soto at all costs and ASAP! They know he’s available and perfectly match up with the Padres for such a trade!

The Projected package here as of right now is this:


OF Everson Pereira, RHP Drew Thorpe, INF Gleyber Torres


OF Juan Soto, 1B/DH Matt Carpenter

Clear as day a no brainer!

Who else is available that can have half the impact Soto would for the Yankees?

Again I ask, do the Yankees even have a choice here?

Sure they can and most likely will either trade for Rockies 3B Ryan McMahon (L) or sign FA 3B Jeimer Candelario (S).

Both are impact lefty bats (Candelario is a switch hitter which Cashman loves and has a history of acquiring at every chance!) but nowhere near Soto’s level.

They also both play perhaps the Yankees weakest position at 3B.

With all this said, with knowing the way the market is and the Yankees past failures, the players the Yankees did not get, proving they’re performers in the post season and should be Yankees, what choice do the Yankees have but to trade for Juan Soto?

If the Yankees don’t they lose the fan base completely even if they sign Cody Bellinger who is half the player Soto is.

Think about this:

Juan Soto going into his age 25 season projects to bat on average PER SEASON FOR THE NEXT 10 YEARS, while calling Yankee Stadium home this: .288 BA, 48 HR’s, 137 RBI’s.


He also just played all 162 games. Something the Yankees haven’t seen in a long time.

Look at it from the other side as well. Brian Cashman and Hal Stienbrenner are sick and tired of hearing about not getting Harper, they see an opportunity to shut Yankees fans up after hearing about it for the last several years.

Juan Soto also is the most perfect match EVER for what Cashman and Hal have been looking for. Young controllable players (Once Juan Soto is extended which would happen with the Yankees).

Cashman has repeatedly stated he wants young athletics guys WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT SOTO IS!

How can the Yankees not pull the trigger on this one?

Consider Soto is now going into his walk year. which = Trade value destroyed.

Also the fact the Padres TV network crashing killed half their $ flow forcing them to cut salary so you’re literally helping them out here as well.

Also the fact the Padres cannot trade either Manny Machado or Fernando Tatis JR due long injury history’s (Machado is currently recovering from surgery on a fractured ELBOW) and Tati’s PEDS!

Its so simple really, trade for Soto, fix LF, and shut Yankees fans up for good on the failure’s of not signing Bryce Harper and Corey Seager when you has the chance.

Do the Yankees really have ANY CHOICE here?

BY: Adam King



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