What 40 Man Roster Deadline Day Told Us About the Yankees Plans

Today we learned how Cashman created the roster spots to protect the RULE 5 Eligible Prospects.

The 1st move was this trade with the Phillies:

Yankees got a 6’4″ LHP who could be closer quality! Also a gigantic 6’5″ 220 pound LEFT HANDED HITTING 1B!

Then these moves happened:

The Yankees have finally rid them selves of the CANCERS Tyler Wade and Brett Gardner (NOTE: Everything out of the Yankees front office continues to be they want nothing to do with Gardner anymore!)! WOW! What an amazing day!

WHY Rougned ODOR THOUGH? Why rid yourself of all INF bench presence?

It means a few things. 1. Cashman is fixing the bench issues! He wants more depth there and is looking outside the organization for that. 2. The Yankees are 100% signing SS Corey Seager and very soon (Sources within BorasCorp I have had since they represented me when I was drafted tell me Corey Seager is focused on joining the Yankees. Its where he wants to go.). No other reason to force DJ to the bench.

Also it means the Yankees will be looking for another INF in FA. Kyle Seager who is very, VERY likely. Also Johan Camargo is a major option:

Camargo is a Switch Hitter with great pop who has literally played ALL INF and OF positions. I still feel Kyle Seager more likely.

If the Yankees have this INF next year they will have more depth then they have since the dynasty of the late 90’s:

  1. 1B Matt Olson or Anthony Rizzo /DJ LeMahieu
  2. 2B Gleyber Torres / DJ LeMahieu
  3. SS Corey Seager/Gio Urshela/Gleyber Torres
  4. 3B Kyle Seager/Gio Urshela/DJ LeMahieu

Talk about unbelievable depth. Talk about being able to mix and match and keep everyone healthy! WOW!

Now if the Yankees do grab Johan Camargo and add such a utility player for BOTH the INF and OF then that’s all the better. The bench would then look like this:

  1. INF/OF Johan Camargo
  2. INF DJ LeMahieu
  3. INF Gio Urshela
  4. C Kyle Higashioka

That would be BY FAR the deepest since the dynasty years as well. We would finally be looking at a dynasty type team. Loaded everywhere!

Lets hope the Yankees make the right move from here!








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