FA RHP Trevor Bauer and his agent Rachel Luba need to be permanently banned from baseball! They are terrible, TERRIBLE for baseball! A stain to this Great American Pastime!

How Rachel Luba made Trevor Bauer MLB's most intriguing free agent - News  Brig

They have no clue what they are doing. They are so into and distracted by harassing reporters and fans on social media there’s no way they can get him a deal. NOR SHOULD ANY TEAM EVEN TALK TO HIM!

They insanely believe they can completely control the news of where he will sign WHICH IS LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE!

How can they not know team employees in specific jobs get paid HUGE $$ to leak the info from the team side and there is literally no way to stop this?

How can they be so impossibly terrible at this business? I have never seen ANYONE handle this any worse in my 32 years in the sport from T-Ball to now being a reporter and writer.

While Bauer has not said a word to me his Agent has attacked me multiple times for no reason at all.

Back when Bauer 1st hired her I sent her several emails from my former work email with a place I wrote for at the time and she RESPONDED 4 times confirmed to me the Yankees were the 1st team to ask about him.

I posted this once verifying info came out from a Yankees source.

Rather then her saving face and ignoring it she attacked and made fun of me to the point I had NUMEROUS lawyers offering to handle the defamation suit against her.

I of course said no as I am a good Christian and person that doesn’t play that low dark game.

She however needs to be banned from baseball for the good of the game. No one in their right mind attacks MLB reporters OR ANY REPORTERS OR ANYONE AT ALL!

Its not just me either! She and Bauer have attacked Jon Heyman several times and a few other reporters.

Wat kind of a stuck up ‘cotton headed ninny muggin’ acts like this? This is despicable! This is horrendous for baseball!

I IMPLORE the Yankees to run from them like the plague and alternatively MAKE THE TRADE for star SS Francisco Lindor and RHP Carlos Carrasco.

For the good of the Yankees please do this and fix 2 things at once.

Trevor Bauer and Rachel Luba do not deserve the limelight and pride that comes with donning the Pinstripes. They should be as far away from them as possible!

Carlo Carrasco is only owed $13.5 Million per the next 3 years as well which is EXREMELY affordable!

I am so appalled that anyone would try to work in the great American pastime called baseball and act this atrociously!

I did not join this business to be treated this evilly and disrespected! No one and I MEAN NO ONE deserves this kind of treatment no matter who they are or who they work for!

She has no place in baseball and needs to be banned asap!

The Yankees must run like the plague and make the afore mentioned trade!







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