Trying to Make Sense of the Dolphins Dibacle

Early this week former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores filed a law suit against the NFL, every team in it, and certain men involved including Stephen Ross, Brian Belichick, and others.

Here’s the announcement of said lawsuit:

It took a few days but denials of the allegations starting rolling in:

1st from Dolphins owner Stephen Ross:

Then quickly a corroborating statement from Hue Jackson against the Browns:

Which was almost instantly refuted:

Then from John Elway:

Then from the NFL its self:

Then from the New York Giants:

Notice the theme? Coaches accusing with the owners and league vehemently shooting back defense and calling the accusations all kinds of names.

So what is really going on here? Do the coaches have something?

Well for starters Stephen Ross has more then just the racism claims against him to defend. He has straight up cheating claims against hi and same with Brian Belichick. Thus we have multiple different things to look at.

There’s even possible criminal charges coming:

If Brian Belichick is found guilty of getting Brian Daboll the job over Flores he will face felony Tampering charges. We’ll se what happens.

As I have looked through every aspect of this case and am astounded at what is being thrown around.  Flores teams says they have all the evidence they need. Take a look:

They have eyewitness and corroborating evidence per Cameron Wolfe.  If so Ross and Belichick are cooked. Take a a look at this against Belichick:

BELICHICK DID WHAT??? He talked the Giants into Daboll OVER Flores? Talk about Criminal.

The Giants themselves have refuted this:

They even made sure to step away from Belichick. I do caution Giants fans that this doesn’t mean much until proven Belichick had nothing to do with the hire. Look here:

This does raise a major, MAJOR question though….

HOW DID BELICHICK KNOW? Here’s the texts for reference:

So many questions need to be answered. At least half a dozen NFL teams will be effected! One thing is only the courts can find out who is tell the truth.

Also Flores only came forward now as no job to lose:

After taking all of this into account what exactly is the situation? What is really going on here?

For starters I belief Flores loved being a Dolphin and leading this team to relevancy. I also believe Brian Belichick is pissed off as all get out at Flores for whooping his but so many times and thus YES HE WOULD SCREW HIM OUT OF A JOB. Especially with the Giants who also are known for whipping his but. IN THE SUPER BOWL NOW LESS!

I think it is a combination of being but hurt and actual crimes done. We will see what happens in court but many NFL teams will be effected.

So what happens in the end you ask? Well for starters the NFL is investigating:

That said… I believe is the racism is thrown out. Bill Belichick is banned from football if the allegations against him are true, Flores never coaches at the NFL level again, Ross gets banned from the NFL no matter what and the Dolphins are sold, New rules put in place to combat tanking, Grier gets banned from the NFL as well.

Then the Dolphins move on with a new owner, coaching staff, ETC.

This is a complete and utter mess that must be fixed ASAP! The courts will do most though the NFL must act as well.








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