What a WILD CARD Series and Looking Forward:

The Yankees just made history putting up 10+ runs in back to back WC round games becoming the ONLY TEAM EVER TO DO THAT!

New York Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Rays 7/17/19: Starting Lineups, Matchup  Preview, Betting Odds

In doing this they swept the Indians and set up a date in SAN DIEGO, YES SAN DIEGO with the TB Rays in the ALDS.

This has me very excited. The Rays cannot be prepared for such a series.

The Yankees 1-2 punch of Cole+ Tanaka is as good as they come and in my eyes gives the Yankees the massive, MASSIVE advantage over the Rays in this ALDS matchup!

When I look at a playoff team I look for 3 things.

  1. A great offense. Yankees: CHECK! Rays: No chance! HAHAHA
  2. A great rotation. Yankees: about there. Rays: Not even close to a full rotation and let alone a great one!
  3. A Great Bullpen. Yankees: Check! Rays: Almost.

The Yankees are the FAR better team and are on a mission! I Predict Yankees in 4 games MAX!

Game one is Yankees ACE RHP Garrit Cole vs no one yet. The Rays have not announced it. In fact no other starter for the series has been announced yet.

Going off what Boone said Garcia will get game 2 or 3 and Tanaka the other. As its 5 games in 5 days there’s little to no chance to see the same pitcher twice in this series. Happ should also start in this series!

That’s a massive, MASSIVE advantage for the Yankees. They actually have 5 starters where the Rays only have 3…

Also Morton, Glasnow, and Snell pitching in San Diego, California instead of the crap heap called the Trop in Tampa Bay, Florida, is a death blow to the Rays.

The Yankees have the advantage knowing they will not play in the trop and knowing they can pummel great pitching staffs as they did the Indians!

Yankees in 4 games max!








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