My top 10 NFL Break Out Candidates for 2020:

Something I love doping is predicting breakout candidates by sport. Here’s mky for the 2020 NFL Season:

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I will start with #1 and go to #10. I will also give a breef analisys as to why.

  1. RB Shaquan Barkley – NYG: I see big things here. Finally has a decent QB for the 1st time in the NFL to help him succeed. Also a rebuilt O-Line. 1000+ Yards is a lock!
  2. WR Preston Williams – MIAMI: His season was cut short due to injury. He will be fully healthy and ready to go for 2020. Look for huge #’s playing opposite all PRO #1 WR Devante Parker.
  3. QB Matthew Stafford – LIONS: He’s healthy as he has been in years. With a retooled and reloaded offensive unit around him look for MVP caliber #’s.
  4. RB Matt Breida – MIAMI: LET ME BE CLEAR he was on this list before the trade AND NOW EVEN MORE SO AFTER. He’s as fast as they come and a literally perfect fit for CHan Gailey’s system.
  5. QB Teddy Bridgewater – Panthers: Now a starter for a top in the league team. Look out for a monster year here.
  6. RB Leonard Fournette – JAGUARS: He’s pissed as all get out and looking for revenge. He’s going to go all out to get a monster contract or traded.
  7. DE Shaq Lawson – MIAMI: Yet another Dolphin but with major things to prove. He’s moves a few thousand miles south and is looking for a monster year.
  8. DE Emmanuel Ogbah – MIAMI: Yes another Dolphin. Another De with everything to prove. He’s on a mission and in a far better system for him.
  9. CB Byron JonesMiami: I never though I would have this many Dolphins BUT… This is the 1st time Jones is playing opposite another #1 ALL PRO Cb in his career. Makes things far easier. Noah Igbinoghene helps immensely as well. That’s 3 #1 CB’s in one secondary!
  10. CB Logan Ryan – ?????: HOW IS HE STILL A FA? Some team can surly use a veteran #1 CB right? He’s going to be pissed and have something to prove.

That’s my list as of right now. I may change it but I am very confident in this list. I know they will all play very, VERY well.








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