DJ LeMahieu Update: WHAT WE KNOW!

We are all wondering what on earth is going on with DJ LeMahieu. Why hasn’t he signed yet? Here’s what we know:

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For starters its know the Yankees made him a offer at least verbally for 4 years and around $80 Million. He has not rejected it but yet to accept it as well.

So what is going on then? Hard to answer!

I have taken the liberty of checking this morning as well as the last few days with DJ’s agent and teams around the league.

DJ’s agent claims the issue is 100% on the Yankees side. That is a trick that agents love to play to force a team hands.

Several reporters claimed he was talking to other teams which his agent and teams around the league confirmed is false. BKLATANT LIES FROM HIS AGENT!

So much unknown about DJ its not even funny.

Is he really brain dead enough t think he can really get 5 years and $110 Million(Reported demands)???

IF SO… He needs to come to his senses ASAP! I do not believe this though.

Both sides need to put an end to this dilemma ASAP!

The kicker in all of this is the known 100% interest in DJ staying with the Yankees! Both sides 100% want it!

So weird…

So to answer the question of what’s going on? I firmly believe DJ’;s agent, NOT DJ OF THE YANKEES, just DJ’s agent is solely to blame for by a dum nut wanting as much $$ and years as possible without considering ANY factors.

No other team has made him an offer. He hasn’t even talked to other teams so we know his agent is throwing out lies.

I firmly believe DJ’s agent was ordered by DJ to make sure he stays a Yankee and his agent is now playing games.

This is literally the only thing that makes any sense at this point!

So how will this lay out in the end?

I see DJ finally ordering his agent to take the Yankees 4 year offer. DJ is sick and tired of being a FA and wanted this process over weeks and weeks ago.

Book it! BY the end of January DH returns to the Yankees for 4 years and around $80 Million.








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