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Yankees Pitching Search Update:

As this offseason moves on its becoming more and more apparent what the Yankees plans are. DJ, p[itching, fixing defense, and LH power bats. So what exactly are they working on right now? Cashman has made it more then clear over the last few days that DJ LeMahieu is holding everything up. Once he agrees […]

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We just got a gargantuan Francisco Lindor update that confirms everything I have reported! Further confirms he is being traded to the Yankees. Here is the update: Again this 100% confirms to me and everyone the Yankees are 100% trading for star SS Francisco Lindor! They will also 100% resign DJ LeMahieu! This further confirms […]

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ALDS Game 1 Preview:

The Yankees and Rays both swept their way here in far different ways. The Yankees blew their way here with a unstoppable offensive attack! Literally every hitter contributed! They are a unbelievably focused group! The Rays got here through their grossly overrated pitching. Keep in mind the Jays hitters are brand new to the […]

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The Yankees have some major, MAJOR holes. Here’s the way to fix them and get this team going again: Lets start with the rotation. 1st I send Jordan Montgomery to the alternate site and give his spot in the rotation to RHP Deivi Garcia 2nd I Move Paxton to the Pen and give his spot […]

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The Trade Deadline…. WHAT HAPPENED?

It was a bizarre trade deadline for the Yankees. It made no sense…. Lets go ahead and dive in! Cashman himself confirmed he had talks for every player rumored but nothing ‘materialized’… Such a odd statement. Players the Yankees were after went cheaper then expected. Others, IE Clevenger, went far more expensive then expected. Good […]

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Its Time For Gardner to GO!

The Yankees need to face the facts. GARDNER IS DONE!  Gardner is flat out terrible this year. The Yankees already have his replacement in Frazier, Tauchman, AND Florial. Brett Gardner is so bad he can’t touch rookies crap stuff. He’s 2 for his last 81 now… Gardner’s issue are not just tweak and they go […]

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Brett Gardner MUST be DFA’d ASAP! He’s nothing more than a late inning defensive replacement/pinch runner. His bat in completely GONE! There’s no speed in it. He can’t hit AA pitchers right now. It’s so bad numerous Yankees fans including this one are demanding his benching: and this one… and this one… and this one… […]

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The Real Way to FIX Suspensions and Such in the AMERICAN Sports(MLB, NBA, NFL, and even NCAA):

Sports in the USA are in major, MAJOR trouble due to suspensions, cheating AND ETC not being handled right. I have had the perfect idea how to fix this for a while now. Here it is: (NOTE: Please donate at Cashapp: TopSportsMind to keep my amazing content coming!) The way to do it is I […]