The 2021 CBA. What changes are coming?

So with 2021 fast approaching we know major changes are coming. what changes? Lets take a look. As you can see in that picture from the last CBA changes have already been made. Herter’s what next. A 26th man has already been added. The 40 man is gone and now its a 28 man. The […]

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The Real Way to FIX Suspensions and Such in the AMERICAN Sports(MLB, NBA, NFL, and even NCAA):

Sports in the USA are in major, MAJOR trouble due to suspensions, cheating AND ETC not being handled right. I have had the perfect idea how to fix this for a while now. Here it is: (NOTE: Please donate at Cashapp: TopSportsMind to keep my amazing content coming!) The way to do it is I […]


MLB Networks Casey Stern said his Sources tell him the Yankees will get BOTH Arenado AND Lindor? WHAT?

SO MLB Networks Casey Stern said on MLB Network today he’;s been told the Yankees are going to get BOTH 3B Nolan Arenado and SS Francisco Lindor… WAIT… WHAT??? (NOTE PLEASE DONATE TO KEEP MY AMAZING CONTENT COMING BY SENDING CASH TO  CASHAPP: $TopSportsMind) "They are dangerous."@CaseyStern: When the #Indians decide to trade Francisco Lindor, […]


Jasson Dominguez, The legend in the making already. He’s also a Yankee!

I’m hearing so much about Jasson Dominguez that its near impossible to believe. (NOTE: TO DONATE AND KEEP MY AMAZING CONTENT COMING SEND IT TO CASHAPP: $TopSportsMind) Baseball american now says he’s the 2nd most talented prospect in the game behind ONLY Luis Roberts of the White Sox. Read this for more on that: […]