Yankees Updates:

The Yankees finally made a trade! The have acquired RHP Jamison Tallion from the Pirates. Here’s where things stand now:

1st the Yankees rotation CURRENTLY AS IT STANDS looks like this:

  1. RHP Garret Cole
  2. RHP Luis Severino (ONCE BACK FROM TJ)
  4. LHP Jordan Montgomery
  6. RHP Clarke Schmidt
  7. RHP Deivi Garcia
  8. RHP Mike King

Yeah more help is most desperately needed. While the Yankees could roll into the season with this rotation I am very sure another Trade/Signing is coming for a PROVEN top of the rotation innings eater!

Who could it be for? See my previous article for options now minus new Yankees RHP Jamison Tallion!

If I had to guess they are going to either trade for RHP Luis Castillo or sign RHP Trevor Bauer. A ton remains to be seen though…

I say Trevor Bauer is an option as the Yankees are looking to drop salary by trading Adam Ottavino and his 9 Million per… If they do that the payroll falls back to around $178 Million.

Until Bauer is signed the Yankees will be after him. The Tallion move only gives the Yankees more leverage in the talks.

Remember the Yankees are nowhere near done making moves! They still want to address the following things respectively:

  1. Top of the rotation arm.
  2. Bullpen arm.
  3. Lefty Power hitters.
  4. Figure out the catching situation.

They can and will add them somehow.

For starting pitching as I mentioned Luis Castillo and Trevor Bauer are the Yankees focus appears to be on.

For Relief pitching arms Trevor Rosenthal is where the Yankees are looking but are IN on on LHP Sean Doolittle, RHP Shane Greene, HP Jake McGee and RHP Alex Colome in FA, as well as talking to the Brewers about LHP Josh Hader.

For lefty power hitters several are in the Yankees cross hairs. They are respectively(Some being trade options):

  1. OF Joc Pederson – FA
  2. INF/OF Joey Gallo – TEX
  3. INF/OF Eddie Rosario – FA
  4. INF Jake Lamb – FA
  5. SS Didi Gregorius – FA
  6. INF/OF Nomar Maraza – FA
  7. 1B Anthony Rizzo – CHC
  8. OF Parker Meadows – DET
  9. INF/OF Marwin Gonzalez – FA
  10. OF/1B/DH Jay Bruce – FA
  11. INF Travis Shaw – FA
  12. INF/OF Freddie Galvis – FA
  13. 1B Mitch Moreland – FA
  14. 1B Logan Morrison – FA

As you can see tons and tons of lefty power bat options. If I had to guess I go with Joey Gallo and Joc Pederson end up with the Yankees.

As for the Catching situation the Yankees are eyeing Cubs star Catcher Wilson Contreras if Current Yankees backstop Gary Sanchez has another bad year in 2021.

Contreras will be a FA after the 2021 season so… Maybe…

The Yankees have always had Wilson Contreras ABOVE JT Realmuto on their list!

I have been told the Yankees have tried SEVERAL TIMES this offseason to get him with RHP Hendricks. The Cubs to this point have been unwilling to do the trade. Maybe a trade deadline blockbuster in the making!

Any way you look at it the Yankees are nowhere near done yet! Stay alert. The Adam Ottavino trade and then the major trade to clear 40 man spots will happen soon!








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