Yankees Starting Pitching Target and Odds They Get Them:

The Yankees are 100% focused on getting more starting pitching. Here are their targets and the likelihood they get them:

Yankees starting rotation

Wee will go pitcher by pitcher from the most likely down on the available and confirmed Yankees targets and give a % chance. Both free agents and trade market.

RHP Luis Castillo – Reds: 8o%

Industry sources maintain the talks between the Yankees and Reds have never ceased or slowed down. I remain high on the chances for now. I am still confident something is moving here.

RHP Trevor Bauer – FA: 68%

Until he signs the Yankees will have high chances. The Angels or Dodgers are where I expect him to land.

I will never count the Yankees out. They can get creative with a signing bonus and low salary to avoid the tax hit!

The Yankees tried to acquire him 4 times already and this offseason is no different.

LHP Brandon – Woodruff: 65%

He’s a long known Yankees target but not likely moved. The Yankees have had talks for him the last 3 years. There’s a chance. A slim one.

LHP Marco GonzalesM’s: 65%

I would rank this one far higher if there was any inclination the M’s were open to trading him. A history of THE Yankees trading with the M’s for SP puts him this high ALONE.

RHP Jameson Taillon – PIRATES: 60%

The Yankees are in talks for him but he is a project. I would rank him far higher if not for that! I can easily see this one happening if the Yankees decide to take on this project.

RHP Jon Gray – COL 50%

A longtime Yankees target. I just don’t think it happens. Not expecting it in the least bit!

LHP Kyle Freeland – COL: 50%

Another very, VERY unlikely option,. Without taking Arenado and overpaying just not happening.

RHP Jake Odorizzi – FA: 50%

I just can’t see the Yankees really biting here. His demands are just to hi.

RHP Kyle Hendricks – CHC: 5%

The Cubs are not open to trading him. They still want to contend and will try too. He’s staying unless the Yankees massively overpay.

RHP Masahiro Tanaka – FA: 1%

He’s demanding WAY to much. He’s gone! Returning to Japan.

LHP James Paxton – FA: 0%

Another one that’s not happening period! He’s on his way home to Canada and the Blue Jays according to reports.


Outside of these there’s no other options. The markets are otherwise very, VERY baron. If I had to guess again I still with Castillo and Tallion as the Yankees moves.








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