Yankees W-L Game Tracker.

This is something I do for fun but will now do for real as a year part of my website. If you want me to add something to tack let me know and I will at least consider it. I will update it during and after every game.

Yankees W-L Game Tracker (2021):

Actual (Rigged BY UMPIRES) Record: 36-32 (This factors in games in which the umpires effected the score to the point the the outcome changed causing the Yankees to lose!)

What Record Would Be Without Rigging: 57-11 (This removes umpire effect to give what the Yankees actual record would be.)

Scoring 1st:         25-4

Not scoring 1st:   11-28

When Hitting a HR: 29-17

When NOT Hitting a HR: 7-15 

W-L when scoring less then 5 runs:  13-32 

W-L when scoring 5+ Runs: 23-4

W-L Scoring 10+ Runs: 1-0

W-L Scoring 15+ Runs: 0-0 

W-L Scoring 20+ Runs: 0-0

Largest Deficit Overcome To Win: 3 (3 times)

Comeback Wins: 17 <

Walk Off Wins: 5 (Leads baseball)
Walks Drawn In Current Game: 0

Drawing   4+ Walks: 24-5 
Drawing   5+ Walks: 17-3 
Drawing   6+ Walks: 15-1 
Drawing   7+ Walks:   5-0 
Drawing   8+ Walks:   3-0 
Drawing   9+ Walks:   1-0 
Drawing 10+ Walks:   1-0 

Most walks drawn in a game in 2021: 10

Total HR’s Hit as a Team in 2021: 84

Current Consecutive Games With a HR As a Team: 3 (NOTE: Yankees own this MLB Record with 31)

HR’s in Current Game: 0

Most consecutive games with a HR as a Team in 2021: 9 

Yankees multi HR games by a player: 7

Created by: ADAM KING