Yankees Updates and a new Relief Pitcher for the Yankees?

So we have a few new Yankees updates to digest. Lets explore them:

Yankees: Latest DJ LeMahieu updates make Francisco Lindor trade a long shot

More and more information is leaking out from the Yankees front offices as the offseason moves on as per normal happenings.

The 1st as Michael Kay EMPHLATICALLY emphasized is there’s no scenario in which the Yankees do not resign STAR 2B D.J. LeMahieu:

He’s spot on. When the Yankees say they want a payer they are 13 for 13 in landing them NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE! This one 100% feels that way!

Not just to me but no other team is even talking to him or tryin for him they are so sure he’s staying.

DJ LeMahieu is going NOWHERE! He’s staying a Yankee as literally all signs are pointing too!

The 2nd update is on the Yankees rotation.

Aaron Boone told Michael Kay the following:

The same exact lines he used a year ago before Garret Cole signed with the Yankees. WHY?

I can only surmise he knows more then we do about the Yankees SP pursuits. A ton more the we do!

Remember the Talks with the Pirates for 1B Josh Bell and RHP Jamison Tallion(TALL-Yon)??? Still ongoing. Most likely NOT to happen… Also still part of a plan in which Voit goes to Cleveland for SS Francisco Lindor.

Cashman is working everywhere and all out. Once DJ’s deal is done a few more moves will happen fast for Starting and Relief pitchers.

One may have already happened as RHP Trevor Rosenthal has strongly signaled he’s joining the Yankees bullpen:

Why ono earth would he tweet this unless he has a deal done with the Yankees?

Moving on…

As it stands right now here is the rotation as stated by BOTH Yankees Manager Aaron Boone and Yankees GM Brian Cashman:

  1. RHP Garret Cole
  2. RHP Luis Severino
  3. RHP Deivi Garcia
  4. LHP Jordan Montgomery
  5. RHP Clarke Schmidt

Both mentioned German but acted as if he’s trade bait.

That desperately needs more veteran presence and such. DESPERATELY!

What are the options? This:

  1. Sign ACE RHP Trevor Bauer and go ALL OUT top the rotation and let the young guys handle it from there!!!
  2. Sign RHP Corey Kluber, AND ACE RHP Trevor Bauer.
  3. Sign RHP Corey Kluber, and trade for more SP
  4. Sign RHP Corey Kluber, AND RHP Tomoyuki Sugano
  5. Sign Just Tomoyuki Sugano and let the young guys handle it from there.
  6. Trade market for multiple Arms.

What then is the most likely? Corey Kluber getting signed is a near lock(SO long as its a reasonable $$ amount) so it goes on from there.

Seems to me that #’s 2 or 3 are the guarantees. Sugano wants to stay on the West coast.

We know the Yankees are 100% IN the Trevor Bauer Free Agent talks but so are the same California teams that were after Cole before he Joined the Yankees in the Padres, Angels, Giants, and Dodgers.

I have to believe the Giants are out despite his agent tweet its interesting the Giants were connected to him as Bauer wants to play for a contender which the Giants are years away from even if they added him.

RHP Corey Kluber is set to showcase his health and ability for willing teams. The Yankees will be among them. If he proves he’s healthy and can help a rotation out he’ll 100% join the Yankees. That’s a lot to prove!

That leaves the trade market as the Yankees do not like the FA market at all other then these guys aforementioned.

The trade market right now consists of this:

  1. LHP Brandon Woodruff – MIL
  2. RHP Carlos Carrasco – CLE
  3. RHP Zack Plesac – CLE
  4. RHP Joe Musgrove – PIT
  5. RHP Jamison Tallion – PIT
  6. RHP Yu Darvish(Won’t wave his no trade clause for the Yankees) – CHC
  7. RHP Kyle Hendricks(Cubs refusing to trade him) – CHC
  8. RHP Max Scherzer(If the Nets decide to trade him before FA) – WASH
  9. LHP Danny Duffy(Of the Royals decide to trade him before FA) – KC

RHP Lance Lynn already traded. The pitching market is thin. Very thin!

If not for signing the best in the game RHP Garret Cole the Yankees would be in dire straights.

At this point I have to believe signing Kluber and the trade market is most likely but I simply cannot count the Yankees out on ACE RHP Trevor Bauer.

The most likely rotation as for as I can tell, on opening day 2020 for the Yankees is this:

  1. RHP Garret Cole(Noting is changing this)
  2. RHP Carlos Carrasco
  3. LHP Jordan Montgomery
  4. RHP Corey Kluber
  5. RHP Deivi Garcia/RHP Clarke Schmidt/RHP Jamison Tallion

The scenario in which the Yankees trade for 1B Josh Bell and RHP Jamison Tallion and then send 1B Luke Voit to the Indians for START SS Francisco Lindor and RHP Carlos Carrasco just males way, WAY to much sense!

The Final update is on 3 Gio Urshela recovery from Surgery:

He’s recovering a swell as can be expected thus far. Fully expected back by opening day!

That’s al for now and remember as always I post updates on my twitter and FB pages as soon as the Yankees make moves!








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