WOW… Lots of updates Today… My Goodness…

So we heard a ton of news from 3 players the Yankees have been targeting today… Lets cover it in this video:

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As stated The Yankees have contact the Brewers about Hader sense his list his arbitration hearing. Are 100% in the talks for Lindor and Hader. Its no holds barred people! STAY ALERT! Also The Bubba Crosby situation played out with BOTH Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi stating Crosby had done enough to be the CF. Then days later Johnny Damon was signed. Is Nolan Arenado in the Johnny Damon spot this year? Numerous signs point to it! Here’s a list:

  1. Yankees were ad are in contact with the Rockies about getting him as they were Damon’d reps.
  2. The Yankees held talks before bluffing…
  3. The Yankees were known to be after the player before the bluff
  4. The Yankees are known to play such games to knock prices down for players they want!

Its very interesting and telling. The Yankees are 100% up to something huge and Brian Cashman is pissed! You bet he’s going to make some moves! The Yankees don’t act like this often and the dead silence among the major reporters about certain players is as telling as it gets! Also why did Nolan Arenado use a statement DIRECTLY pointing towards the Yankees? Something is in the works we’ll soon know about.

Take Jim Duquette’s statement: “The Yankees are in the perfect financial spot to add whomever they want! They have nothing to worry about in getting Arenado, Lindor AND etc!” NO one says such things without known something major! STAY ALERT!







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