Why Does ANYONE Consider Barely Above Average Players the Best in the Game of Baseball?


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When you dig into the Stats there’s over 100 players averaging BETTER on every stat then Trout! ITS NO CLOSE EITHER! Lets dig!

Lets start with what makes a truly great player and a best in the game player? People really have no clue on this one! Likability has literally NOTHING to do with it! Miguel Cabrera getting a triple crown? YES! Unparalleled! Trout has never come close o to that! Setting a HR record? YOU BET! A truly great feat when unaided by juiced balls. 

Trouts Average of .305 BA 32 Hr’s and 85 RBI’s ranks OVER 500TH IN THE GAME! EVEN GLEYBER TORRES HAS NEAR IDENTICAL AVERAGES AT .290 BA 31 Hr’s 84 RBI’s per! Here’s a few others who do pt better:

  1. Giancarlo Stanton 292 BA 31 HR’s 80 RBI’s per
  2. Aaron Judge .280 BA 37 HR’s 80 RBI’s per
  3. Cody Bellinger .280 BA 37 HR’s 96 RBI’s per
  4. Christain Yelich .301 BA 20 HR’s 79 RBI’s per

THE LIST GOES ON AND ON OF PLAYERS BETTER THEN TROUT! ITS NOW CLOSE! Take Garrett Cole who put of the best pitching season in DECADES last year. THE CLEAR BEST PLAYER IN THE GAME! 2.50 ERA 212.1 IP 326 K’s! CLEAR SEPARATION FROM ANY OTHER PLAYER! That’s what makes a tops in the game player! Take DJ LeMahieu’s season last year where he lead the majors by landslides in clutch hits, Multi hit games and ETC. ETC. ETC. EASILY MAKING HIM THE BEST PURE HITTER IN THE GAME! 

When we look at career highs we find Trout with 45 HR’s. 279 CURRENT PLAYERS HAVE BETTER! RBI’S? 111 for Trout with 577 players HAVING BETTER! Batting Average? .326 which 137 CURRENT PLAYER have done better! NOTHING AND I MEAN NOTHING STICKS OUT TO MAKE TROUT EVEN TOP 2100 IN THE GAME! SAME WITH MOOKIE BETTS! Its a FAR WIDER gap proving Betts down! 

Betts averages: .301 BA 24 HR’s 79 RBI’s… WHAT???? NOT EVEN CLOSE TO TOPS IN THE GAME! BARELY AVERAGE STATS! Betts career highs: .346 BA(79 in the game have better!) 32 HR’s(over 600 in the game have better!) 113 RBIs(over 300 in the game have better!) while impressive to some are BARELY AVERAGE Outside a great batting average aided by blatant cheating we now know! THAT’S THE ISSUE! Without the blatant cheating season he’s average at best!  

Stop falling for the lies of the media! Just because a player is likable doesn’t for a second mean a player is Better then average! That’s like calling Luke Doncic the best player in basketball or Ryan Tannehill the best player in football or Tony Finau the best golfer in the game! STOP IT PEOPLE! Stop letting blatantly rigged metrics and biased media cloud your thinking! Here’s the true top 10 players in the game:

  1. RHP Gerrit Cole NYY
  2. LHP Clayton Kershaw LAD 
  3. 3B Nolan Arenado COL
  4. OF Aaron Judge NYY
  5. OF/1B Cody Bellinger
  6. LHP Josh Hader MIL
  7. OF Giancarlo Stanton NYY
  8. RHP Max Scherzer WAS
  9. INF Gleyber Torres NYY
  10. 3B Matt Chapman OAK

AS you can tell some players have forced their way on it while others fell off like Yelich after I dug into his stats. 

Go off real stats and how great a player is! A truly best in the game player is like Barry Bonds who put up seasons no other player came close to. Or Gerrit Cole putting up a once in a generation pitching season(HE WILL AGAIN MULTIPLE MORE TIMES AS WELL)! Or Nolan Ryan putting up 3 NO hitters in one year! AND ETC

NEVER BELIEVE LIES OF THE BIASED MEDIA OR METRICS! For example Aaron Judge leads the majors in defensive runs saved but is not credited with it. He’s literally saved over 250 runs with his throws and such but they only count ones where a players is tagged out in the Metrics. Trouts ranks under 100th in the game in defensive runs saved in all actuality! Just more proof why Metrics need to go ASAP! They are made for promote Trout, Betts and etc to tiers they have never approached and are destroying the best pure sport ever invented! Case rested! 







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