Who is Rosell Herrera and Why is He on His Way to Making the Yankees Roster?

Rosell Herrera is one of the major, MAJOR surprises of Yankees ST camp. He’s flat out raking and catching everything near him him at all 6, SIX positions he plays.

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The Yankees could not be more impressed with this kid. He’s a 27 year old 6’4″ 200 pound SWITCH HITTING reclamation project who’s working out PERFECTLY thus far.

I decided to put him in the simulator and see what happens. He projected to bat with the Yankees over 550+ AB’s and 150+ games season: .291 with 27 HR’s, and 101 RBI’s. WOW… He’s never come close to such #’s so why?

The stadium and lineup effects. Also the amount of games played…

His high #’s were this: .331 BA 41 HR’s, 123 RBI’s. Again he’s never shown close to these #’s BUT… He’s never played NEAR ENOUGH games in a season to come close to putting them up. The simulator loves his power at 6’4″ and 200 pounds.

I have to agree he has the size, speed and potential to be great so we’ll see. He’s running away with the bench utility role tough. Yes he has [played that well and snatched the attention of Boone, Cashman and ETC!

From where it stands now Rosell Herrera is heading to Baltimore with the Yankees on March 26th. He’s been tat good! Get used to this kid!







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