WAIT… James Dolan Really Wants to Buy the Mets and Destroy Another Pro Sports Franchise?

James Dolan who has destroyed the New York Rangers, New York Knicks and New York Liberty now wants to BUY the NEW YORK METS?

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Here’s the proof he’s interested: 


The Mets are a pretty good team in a incredibly tough division… DOLAN WOULD DESTROY THEM! This is the last thing the Mets fans should want! This could be a disaster. Or classic Mets being Mets?

IF the Wilpon’s are smart they refuse his offer but they aren’t exactly the brightest tools in the shed themselves… They may be dumb enough to sell the Mets to the man who is the reason FA’s want nothing to do with the Knicks… 

James Dolan is man who took COMPETITIVE Knicks teams and turned them into one of the worst teams in the whole NBA! 

On the other hand this could be the perfect marriage! A incompetent owner for a incompetent franchise. HM… 

Mets fans can’t be happy about this as Dolan has refused to sell the Knicks even after destroying them. This could and most likely will be a absolute mess! 

I really don’t know what to make of this but laugh… Yankees fans are so happy George Steinbrenner refused to sell the Yankees to Dolan. They would be even more happy if he bought and destroyed the Mets. 

The Mets are barely competing right now as it is and I will be stunned if they got and finish above 4th in the NL East this year. If Dolan were to buy them it would instantly guarantee that! I see no way it goes good and every way it goes bad. VERY BAD! 

Will James Dolan convince the Wilpon’s to sell? You guess is as good as mine but there’s no chance its a good idea! Will this be another CLASSIC Mets being Mets moment? We’ll see I guess… 







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