Top 25 MLB Free Agents for 2021/2022, Their Expected Contract, and Expected Destination’s.

As we roar towards FA its time to start looking at the upcoming FDA’s and where experts think they will land. Lets take a look:

#1 INF Javy Baez:

A very interesting FA who has had a horrific break up with the Mets. He will not be back. So where is he heading?

Expected Destinations: Phillies, Cubs, Dodgers, Astros,

Expected Contract: 10 Years $350 Million

Prediction by experts: Dodgers to play 2B for 8 years $258 Million

#2: LHP Robbie Ray:

Is he a regression candidate? Is he really this good? Only time will tell!

Expected destinations: Angels, Yankees, Blue Jays, Phillies, Cubs

Expected contract: 7 years $154 Million.

Prediction by experts: Yankees 5 years $112 Million

#3: INF/OF Kris Bryant:

Super utility man? Heading to Philly to join his best friend? Lots of questions here!

Expected destinations: Cubs, Phillies, Dodgers, Yankees

Expected Contract: 8 Years $245 Million

Prediction by experts: Phillies 8 Years $250 Million

#4: Corey Seager:

He is 100% eyeing the Yankees and vise versa. Easy one here. Joel Sherman even confirmed today the Yankees will be all over Seager!

Expected Destinations: Yankees, Dodgers

Expected Contract: 8 Years $185 Million

Prediction by experts: Yankees for 7 Years $155 Million

#5: 1B Freddie Freeman:

He’s not leaving Atlanta! NO CAHCNE! He’s also 32 so not much FA value.

Expected Destination(s): Braves, Yankees, Cubs, Dodgers,

Expected Contract:  5 Years $125 Million.

Prediction by experts: Braves 5 years $125 Million

#6: SS Trevor Story:

So many teams want him but few actually expected to pursue him. This will be a interesting one.

Expected Destinations: Cubs, Yankees, Phillies, Dodgers

Expected contract: 8 Years $160 Million

Prediction by experts: Cubs 6 Years $140 Million.

#7: INF Marcus Semien:

Coming off an impossibly good year he expects a massive, MASSIVE contract. Will he get it?

Expected Destinations: Phillies, Mets, Dodgers, Braves, Yankees, Cubs

Expected Contract: He is demanding 10 Years $300 Million+

Prediction by experts: Mets 8 years $248 Million.

#8: RHP Max Scherzer:

He has emphasized he will stay on the West Coast. He’s likely staying a Dodger.

Expected Destinations: Dodgers, Giants, Angels, Padres, A’s

Expected Contract: 3 years $75 Million

Prediction by Experts: Dodgers 3 Years $75 Million

#9: 1B Anthony Rizzo:

Is there really a chance he leaves NY? I don’t think so. He loved NY and is best friends with AARON JUDGE now.

Expected Destinations: Yankees Cubs

Expected Contract: 5 Years $85 Million

Prediction by Experts: Yankees 4 years $68 Million

#10: INF/OF Nick Castellanos(Opting out): 

A intriguing FA for a lot of teams. Plays everywhere but destined for a DH role.

Expected Destinations: Phillies, Dodgers, A’s. Cubs, Reds, Brewers

Expected Contract: 5 Years $100 Million

Prediction by Experts: Cubs for 4 Years $84 Million

#11: SS Carlos Correa:

A weird FA. Will be nearly impossible to find suitors due to his proven cheating! Joel Sherman confirms the Yankees are 100% OUT on Correa due to the Astros AND CORREA’s proven cheating!

Expected Destinations: Tigers, Astros, Phillies

Expected Contract: Demanding 12 years $400 Million+

Prediction by Experts: Tigers for 12 years $385 Million.

#12: RHP Noah Syndergaard:

Coming of TJ and didn’t look that good in his only few outings this year. What can he even demand?

Expected Destinations: Yankees, Mets, Cubs

Expected Contract: 1 Year $10 Million prove it deal.

Prediction by Experts: Mets 1 Year $15 Million.

#13: OF Starling Marte: 

A big time hitter looking for a monster contract. Which team will bite?

Expected Destinations: A’s, Phillies, Yankees, Cubs, Marlins, Mets

Expected Contract:  8 Years $240 Million

Prediction by Experts: A’s for 7 Years $175 Million.

#14: LHP Carlos Rodon:

He very attractive piece for any contender. A major come back year. Can he prove it wasn’t a fluke?

Expected Destinations: Yankees, White Sox, Cubs, Phillies, A’s

Expected Contract: 1 year prove it deal for 1 Year $8 Million

Prediction by experts: Angels 1 Year $8 million

#15: INF Kyle Seager:

The M’s have already declined his option is the word around baseball. He is interesting but at 33 more of a role player.

Expected Destinations: Yankees, A’s, M’s,  Phillies, Cubs, Dodgers

Expected Contract: 3 Years $45 Million

Prediction by Experts: Yankees 3 Years $42 Million

#16: 1B Brandon Belt:

Older player at 33+ now.  Can he really help any team win at this point? What does he really have left?

Expected Destinations: Giants

Expected Contract: 1 Year $14 Million.

Prediction by Experts: Giants 1 Year $14 Million.

#17: OF Jorge Soler:

A very interesting player hits FA here. No info out at all about him as far as Interested teams yet. I will wajor a guess based of his history but yeah unknowns abound here.

Expected Destinations: Cubs, Royal, Braves, ???

Expected Contract: 5 years $75 Million

Prediction by Experts: Braves for 4 years $60 Million.

#18: RHP Kenley Jansen:

Odd player here. A good reliever but not a lot of teams even think highly of him. Should be a interesting FA to watch.

Expected Destinations: A’s, Cubs, Dodgers

Expected Contract: He is demanding 5 Years $75 Million or there abouts.

Prediction by Experts: Dodgers for 4 Years $48 Million.

#19: RHP Kevin Gausman:

Likely not going anywhere. He loved being a Giant. Good enough several teams will take4 runs at him!

Expected Destinations: Giants, Dodgers, Cubs, Phillies, A’s, Twins

Expected Contract: 5 Years $100 Million+.

Prediction by Experts: Giants for 5 years $83 Million.

#20: OF Eddie Rosario:

I good player coming of a trade to the Braves and playing very well. Should get a good contract.

Expected Destinations: Phillies, Braves, Dodgers, Twins, A’s

Expected Contract: 5 Years $75 Million

Prediction by experts: Braves for 4 years $55 Million

#21: RHP Marcus Stroman:

A good pitcher who wants to stay in NY. Yankees have no interest so…

Expected Destinations: Phillies Cubs, Padres, Braves, Mets

Expected Contract: 4 Years $68 Million

Prediction by Experts: Mets 4 Years $ 60 Million

#22: RHP Corey Kluber:

Coming off a great post injury year with the Yankees. He deserves a multi year deal but to be a middle rotation guy.

Expected Destinations: Yankees, Phillies, Cubs, Dodgers, INDIANS (Guardians)

Expected Contract: 2 Years $30 Million

Prediction by Experts: Yankees for 2 Years + Vesting Option for $24 Million(+$10 Million Option)

#23: OF Michael Conforto:

A very good OF looking for a long term deal. He should get it but has injury issues.

Expected Destinations: Mets, Yankees, Cubs, Dodgers, Braves, Phillies, Nationals

Expected Contract: 5 Years $100 Million

Prediction by Experts: Phillies for 5 Years $90 Million

#24: RHP Zack Grienke:

A older but still good oft tossing pitcher. He should find some team to grab him.

Expected Destinations: Rays, Astros, Blue Jays, Twins, M’s, A’s, Cubs

Prediction by Experts: Cubs for 3 Years $60 Million


Still one of the top 3B in the game but saw very sharp declines in ST Louis. He is fully expected to opt out!

Expected Destinations: Yankees, Cardinals, Rockies, Dodgers, Cubs, A’s, M’s, Twins, Nationals, Phillies ETC.

Expected Contract: 8 years $225 Million

Prediction by Experts: Dodgers for 8 years and around $200 Million


There you have it! The top 25 Free agents with their prediction destinations AS OF RIGHT NOW! I really, REALLY, REALLY hope to see most happen but some I don’t see happening!




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