The Yankees MUST BE SOLD NOW and Get a Whole New Front Office!

I have been starting to realize the Yankees need whole sell changes from the top down for months now! As of Sunday’s embarrassing loss and 2 straight horrendous weeks that should’ve had AT LEAST 10 wins in them, its plan as day what must happen.

Lets take a step by step look and the Yankees and show where the changes must be made!


Hal must sell the team ASAP! He has proven he is a completely imcompitent owner and no other owner even respects him and they all laugh at him! He should’ve sold as soon as the Yankees won the title in 2009!

Again I so wish I could get control of part of my extended families (Includes now 15 Billionaires I found out over the last few days) near $50 Billion in net worth and make a $10 Billion offer on the Yankees Hal cannot refuse!

WHJERE SI HAL ANYWAYS? He has vanished!

Front Office: 

I have been wondering for years after a LOOOOOOOONG list of trade’s Cashman has tried for only to have the targeted player(s) sent to other teams for lesser packages then the Yankees offered the the GM’s Cashman was working with laughing at him afterwards, if its time for Cashman to move on… Has the word gotten around the whole league to where no one will work with him now? The Marlins and Jays even proved him a liar by doing a trade today after Cashman said none were coming till after the draft in July.


Matt Blake is proving to be a good pitching coach as the Yankees pitching is far, FAR better! Thames and Boone MUST go ASAP! They are utter and complete flops and have proven it! Maybe the new ownership starts with a whole new staff? It must happen NOW! The alk is gorwing about this one very fast!


There are several players that must be DFA’d/Released/Traded asap including: Gardner, Wade, Torres, Frazier and Andujar! To many players that have no business anywhere near this team! Also to many role players trying to be main pieces!

Gardner should never even been talked to last offseason and let alone resigned! Wade should’ve been kicked to the moon years ago! MAKE THE MOVES ALREADY!

Weaknesses that must be fixed ASAP:

The Yankees must add MULTIPLE LH power bats ASAP! I MEAN NOW! Joey Gallo, Ketel Marte, ETC. No team wins world series without lefty power bats! 2+ really, really good to great starters must be added asap! I would even call up guys like Trey Amburgey, Chris Gittens, Hoy Jun Park, Estevan Florial and such looking for a spark.


The Yankees are in major trouble… they need change now! NOW! They have no time to wait! They are actually ALREADY falling out of the playoff race very, very quickly!







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