The Yankees Are in TOUBLE When it Comes to Pitching AND ABSOLUTELY NEED TO ACT NOW!

The New York Yankees are in major trouble when it comes to starting pitching and the 40 man roster and they are now up against a wall in such a fashion they have no choice BUT to act NOW!

New York Yankees on Twitter: "Today, the Yankees announced that they have  signed INF DJ LeMahieu to a 2-year contract through the 2020 season. To  make room on the 40-man roster, the

Just a few minutes ago the Pittsburgh Pirates traded RHP Joe Musgrove to the San Diego Padres taking yet another option off the board…

The Yankees are now in HUGE trouble!

Not only do they have to clear 3+, 40 man roster spots for Kluber, DJ and ETC ASAP! AND I MEAN ASAP! BUT… They have to find more starting pitching ASAP as well!

Here’s their current rotation:

  1. RHP Garret Cole
  2. RHP Corey Kluber
  3. LHP Jordan Montgomery
  4. RHP Clarke Schmidt
  5. RHP Deivi Garcia
  6. RHP Luis Severino(OUT TILL JUNE)
  7. RHP Domingo German(Major questions after getting shelled in winter ball)

So I get the fact this could turn into the best rotation in the game BUT… Just so many question marks they Yankees have no choice but to add more pitching!

Also 25 of the last 26 world series champions had 2, TWO aces atop their rotations! The other the 2009 Yankees of which it could be argued they did as well!

As Such Yankees desperately, DESPERATELY need that 2nd ace to have any chance at all!

So what do they do? their choices are very, VERY limited at this point!

Number one is easy! Sign RHP Trevor Bauer! This seems more likely then ever right now! By far the most likely option!

Second is trading for Luis Castillo. The talks are ongoing but have not heated up to the point a trade could happen yet!

3rd is well… Massively over pay to make sure they get LHP Brandon Woodruff from the Brewers, or Marcus Gonzales from the M’s, r Kyle Hendricks from the Cubs and ETC. Yeah not happening!

So what do the Yankees do?


Get creative with the 1st year if necessary!

At this point I do not for a second believe ANY TEAM will really work with them on a trade for a SP!

As such I trade 5 players(Wade, Frazier, A top pitching prospect and 2 lower level guys) to the Rangers for Joey Gallo clear 40 man spots and then sign Trevor Bauer! The Yankees have little to no choice at this point!

Give him a large signing Bonus and just $10 million for the 1st year. GET CREATIVE!

The Yankees of all teams can pull this off!

Here’s my idea. Give Bauer a 8 year deal with the last 2 to 3 years vesting options. Spread the $$ out a bit over it. EASY PEASY!

The Yankees have little to no choice unless they break down and sent SS Gleyber Torres to the Reds for ACE RHP Luis Castillo and then sign Didi Gregorius or Marcus Semien for a year to play SS.

One of these must be done ASAP!








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