The REAL MLB 2020 Season Standings Prediction and Post Season Predictions AND Awards predictions:

So many ‘MLB standings’ predictions are going around so lets do a real one. A accurate one!

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Lets start with the Al East:

  1. NY Yankees    118-44
  2. Rays                   85-77
  3. Blue Jays           78-84
  4. Red Sox             70-92
  5. Oriels                 60-102

This one was EASY! Rays got worse by losing their 4 best hitters is Pham, Garcia, Aguilar and Guillermo Heredia. They traded their best bullpen arm and they cannot expect career years from their pitchers again. The O’s and Redsux are messes and the Jays have tons of work left to even approach the Yankees.

AL Central:

  1. Twins                    93-69
  2. CHI White Sox    88-74
  3. Indians                 80-82
  4. Royals                   75-87
  5. Tigers                    62-100

Interesting one here… The white Sox added several piecesthat make them a WC team. The Twins got better and worse at the same time. The Indians are a mess and most likely trading Lindor. The Royals have improved but still have a bit to go to get back to contention. The Tigers are as bad as they come…

Al West: 

  1. Athletics    90-72
  2. Rangers     88-74
  3. Astros        85-77
  4. LA Angels  82-80
  5. Mariners   75-87

Interesting again. The Astros are going to struggle all year as they don’t have the pitching to really compete and their hitter will be targets all season. The A’s with Manaea all year will be the Division winner. The Rangers are a major threat due to getting Kluber. The Angels are bad still. Not even half the pitching needed. The M’s just plain suck!

AL Awards: 

MVP: Aaron Judge NYY

Cy Young: Garrett Cole NYY

ROY: Ryan McBroom KC

MIP/CPOY: Giancarlo Stanton NYY

MOY: Mike Matheny KC 

MRAW: Aroldis Chapman NYY


  1. Yankees vs 4. Rangers/5.White Sox Winner
  2. Athletics vs 3. Twins

WC: Rangers defeat White Sox 1-0

ALDS 1: Yankees defeat Rangers 3-1

ALDS 2: A’s defeat Twins 3-2

ALCS: Yankees defeat A’s 4-2


NL East: 

  1. Braves        95-67
  2. Phillies       90-72
  3. Nats            88-74
  4. NY Mets     82-80
  5. Marlins      65-97

The Braves are the team to beat. Pitching f=defense and hitting! The Phillies added Wheeler and Didi AND ETC making them a 90 win team. The Nats are a bit worse without Rendon. Keiboom has big shoes to fill. The Mets are bad. Not near enough pitching or quite enough hitting. The Marlins? *SIGHS*…

NL Central: 

  1. Reds           90-72
  2. CHI Cubs   88-74
  3. Brewers     85-77
  4. Cardinals   83-79
  5. Pirates        80-82

Tight close division. Cardinals lost several major pieces and may not even win 80 games. Cubs are still good but pitching is a question mark. The Reds are the best in the division with a great rotation and lineup! Brewers will still compete but fall short.

NL West: 

  1. LA Dodgers 102-60
  2. Padres            82-80
  3. D-Backs          80-82
  4. Rockies           67-95
  5. Giants             60-102

Terrible, TERRIBLE division here. NO team to even push the Dodgers. Padres getting close but desperately need pitching! Rockies going to trade Arenado. D-Backs a mess and same with the Giants. 

NL Awards: 

MVP: Kris Bryan CHC

CY Young: Walker Beuhler LAD

ROY: Austin Riley ATL

MOY: David Ross CHC

THAW: Josh Hader MIL 

NL Playoffs:

  1. Dodgers vs 4. Phillies/5. CHC/Nats Winner
  2. Braves vs 3. Reds

NL PLay-in game: Cubs beat Nats 1-0

WC: Phillies Beat Cubs 1-0

NLDS 1: Dodgers defeat Phillies 3-0 

NLDS 2: Reds Defeat Braves 3-2

NLCS: Dodgers defeat Reds 4-2

WORLD SERIES: Yankees defeat Dodgers 4-1

There you have it! The correct predictions! I go off actual things not made up BS or fake team hype! I made my best judgements on the awards base off the way the players feel and what they have to prove and such. 







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