The Nolan Arenado situation just hanged BIG TIME!

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Just wanted to write something quick about the Nolan Arenado situation. So it was reported that the Rockies had ended the Arenado trade talks. THEY ARE NOW IDENTICAL TO THE GIANCARLO STANTON TRADE TALKS!

What came next is a surprise and as ESPN’s Jeff Passan sates here Arenado and the Rockies have a major chance to let this get ugly:

HE WANTS OUT OF COLORADO PEOPLE! He’s going to demand a trade very, VERY soon and give them the teams he’ll accept a trade too! That’s going to be the Angels, Dodgers, and YANKEES! The Yankees are thus is the drivers seat! The Rockies won’t trade him within the NL that that eliminates the Dodgers. The Angels are out by default due to some guy name Anthony Rendon.

The only question now is what do the Rockies want and can the Yankees offer it? EMPHATIC YES!

The Rockies want a CONTROLLABLE RH OFer, 1B or 2 OFers, and controllable young pitching. The Yankees have that in Clint Frazier, Josh Stowers, Albert Abreu, Luis Gill, Luis Medina, and ETC. Also Gio Urshella to replace Arenado. Throw in Voit if they want a 1B.  Stay alert as Arenado is about to pull the Stanton card and force his way to the Bronx for a chance at a title!

I have heard he Giants want a Catcher as well that could be there #1 catcher. Kyle Higashioka fits this bill as could Josh Brouex who’s at AAA for the Yankees. What ever it will take the Yankees have it! Its 100% a No brainer.

I have no clue when this goes down but if its like the Stanton talks it will be a week to a week and a half from now. STAY ALERT! Arenado wants out now so sooner then later is what will happen.

By Adam King






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