The MLB’s new rules for the Minor’s. Really?

The MLB announced new rules changes to be tried out in the minors this year. Lets take a look at them and try to digest them.

To start… Lets take a look at the new rules shall we?

Finally the MLB gets to work on ending the league destroying shfts!

The MLB is starting to work on the shifting epidemic caused by the MLB’s worst franchise, a cancer to the league, the TB Rays.

The have banned moving INF’s to the OF and vise versa for this minor league season. The have mandated 2 infielders must be VISABLY on both dies of the 2nd base bag.

What does The King Source think about this?  

Its much needed in the game. The MLB has has a desperate, DESPERATE need to do something about the insane shifting in baseball. Its literally destroying the game. Eliminating the Rays from the league would be a great move to attack this as well. Move then to Orlando to become the expansion team the Orlando Dreamers.

This is a good way to start by testing it at the AA level this year.

AAA Base size change:

The MLB is increasing the size of bases at the AAA level to work on eliminating injuries from sliding into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd base.

This is a odd idea… Will require work on the 1st and 3rd base mounts. Moving them to keep then central on the line.

What does the King Source think about this?

I am 100% unsure if this would even work to be honest. IF combined with outlawing finger extending gloves then they may be onto something. Otherwise this seems like a waste of time that I would not do.

With out also outlawing the finger extending gloves this rule does nothing and the injuries will still happen.

New Pickoff Rules:

The MLB is implementing a ton of new pick off rules to Single A Ball. Changing them to MLB and beyond level restrictions.

What does The King Source think about this?

Waste of every ones time. Just mandate simple rules here instead of 9 new ones that will not work and only make it harder on umpires to call. While there is a major, MAJOR problem with far to many pick offs this is not the right way to fix it.

Single A Step Off Rule:

A rule the MLB changed a few years back. Mandating the pitching completely removes his foot from the rubber before throwing to a base.

What does The King Source think about this?

Its a good rule to get the young guys in the proper mindset before they reach the BIGS and balk all over the place. I like this one.


This is all part of the MLB’s listening to and working with the fans initiative. The MLB is working so hard to fix something that is not broken which makes me ask WHY??? Something need to be fixed but not everything like this.

Stay alert as the boneheads running the MLB could try more brain dead fixes.




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