The Luis Castillo Talks LITERALLY CANNOT BE DEAD! Here’s Why:

We heard reports this morning that make NO SENSE AT ALL! They were the Yankees shut down the Luis Castillo trade talks after the Reds demanded Gleyber Torres. THAT IS NOT HOW TRADE TALKS WORK!


I used to be a AAA GM. It was for 2 seasons but happened to be when the Twins lost Torii Hunter to the Angels. I was working with the Twins AAA team.

The Twins tried to work out a sign and trade and the same trick to get a young OF prospect from the Angels named Mike Trout. Everyone knows how that went.

It turned out the Twins instead traded their AAA team for the Angels AAA tea as part of the deal. That’s all that happened. They found aa way to make it work!

The SL Stingers became the SL Bees and completely changed every person working for them. That’s when I got the boot.

That’s also when I learned 1st hand that when teams really want a player they find a way!

There’s no possible way 1 player derails a trade as we found out in the Curtis Granderson trade to the Yankees.

The Tigers wanted a good SP which at the time the Yankees did not have. They paused the talks and started looking for a 3rd team. They found it in the D-Backs and the trade happened very quickly at that point.

Again, all of this is was part of what taught me 1 player NEVER DERAILS A TRADE! Thus the Reds demands for Torres make perfect sense as I broke yesterday.

Yes I was the only one talking about Torres being in the demands.

I also don’t for a second buy the Yankees not trading Torres for a Luis Castillo caliber player.

Cashman who has bene doing this longer then anyone in the history of sorts knows Torres is EASILY replaceable and would not just shut the talks down over this!

Cashman would change the package for sure but not shut the talks down!

To much is not making sense in these trade talks. Even if the Yankees were dead set on keeping Torres there’s a 100% chance they would pivot to get a 3rd team like the Cubs involved to send the Reds, Say Javy Baez(BAY-ez).

I checked with both sides and BOTH SIDES MEPHASIZED the talks are in NO WAYS dead. Still progressing as expected. Yes they are now talking to other teams about being the 3rd team.

I am also told the Yankees remain in talks for other pitchers with the Pirates, Brewers, Cubs, and heck they are maintaining contact with RHP Trevor Bauer.

It would not surprise me to see the Yankees throw a 8 year $240 Million offer at Bauer or something like that as they did with DJ to lower the tax hit.

Bauer wants $6 years and $240 Million remember so it would drop from an impossible to get $40 Million per to a reasonable but still a bit high $30 Million per. What is a ton closer to what he is expected to get!

I was emphatically told the Yankees are going to add another top of the rotation arm somehow.

I believe Marco Gonzales of the M’s and Brandon Woodruff of the Brewers are the most likely.

I stress the Yankees are still in STRONG talks with the Reds about Castillo and working on several other things as well. Remember Cashman is known to pull proverbial rabbit out of the hat all the time in trade talks!

Again I can guarantee the Red-Yankees trade talks around Luis Castillo are 100% ongoing and roaring hot!

The other part that is bugging me to high heaven is GM’S NEVER PUBLICALLY SHOOT DOWN TRADE RUMORS LIKE THE REDS GM IS DOING!

I researched this and of the last 20 times this was done in the MLB, NFL, and NBA combined, the player ended up traded within a WEEK TOPS 19 of the 20 times.

Reporters have only come out like this in droves to shoot down a rumor 3 times in the last 20 years in the 3 pro sports and all 3 times the trade happened.

Nothing will surprise me but nothing makes any sense about the Yankees Reds trade talks at this point! It all 100% seems like cloud tactics to silence things and talk in silence again!

Also a ploy to allow both sides to silently find a 3rd team that has what the Reds want to add to the trade.

This is what makes sense here! The facts simply make no sense and do not add up otherwise.

I will leave it at this. The talks remain ongoing and strong! All signs point to it! Nothing will surprise me at this point. The Yankees could pivot elsewhere but have not yet!

Finally the last thing bugging me here, is the Reds could jump on the Yankees offer, get the Yankees to take Moustakas’s contract in the deal, then use that $$ on Marcus Siemen who they have bene in talks with.

There’s just no way one player in Gleyber Torres could derail such trade talks and no he did not!








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