Stanton for Harper? Let’s Discuss:

So with the last few days I broke the news of a early season blockbuster between the Yankees and Phillies that I have been told will happen. Let’s take a deep dive into it.

Yankees: Comparing Giancarlo Stanton to Bryce Harper

Let me start by saying I am going off real info! I am not guessing here!

1st I received this message from my newest (NOT TOP) Yankees source Tuesday evening about a half hour before posting it (NOTE: I do not yet trust this new source but am giving him the benefit of the doubt for now.):

I immediately contacted my Phillies source and was told just this:

“Yes such a trade is happening. Wait till Friday.”

That’s it. He seemed to confident its going to happen though.

As such… I contact my top Yankees source and was told this:

“Not going to happen till Friday but is happening. Keep it quiet please!”

This came this morning so I did jump the gun. He did seem hesitant and such which is very unusual.

FYI: My top Yankees sources always contacts me around 24 hours before a trade ot FA signing is going down. Thus why I had to ask him here.

I have known for a while not. Around 18 Months, that Stanton wants out of NY as he cannot stand their fans. This trade confirms those suspicions.

Its not surprise to me the Phillies would want Stanton either. They tried everything to get him from the Marlins before the Yankees got him.

The Phillies finished 2nd in the 1st Stanton Sweepstakes. They have always felt Stanton a far better fit then Harper.

As For Harper, he has never gotten along with Girardi for some reason. I was hearing rumblings of him wanting out as early as this past March.

Harper has been flat out pissed off at the hillies for not putting the right team around him. For not getting Yankees ACE RHP Gharrit COle, or Angels 3B ANthony Rendon, ETC.

He wants out and now.

SO… What would the deal look like? AS I have been told this:

Yankees get OF Bryce Harper, RHP Hector Nares

Phillies get: OF/DH Giancarlo Stanton, Top Yankees pitching prospect, MLb experienced pitcher like Holder, Happ, or Cessa.

This would be a win-win! Yankees finally add the lefty power bat they desperately need. The Phillies finally get a DH type player and add needed pitching.

When will the trade be done? I have been told Jeff Passan will break the news around 3PM this Friday. 3 days from now.

I would expect more rumblings Thursday afternoon to Evening just like what happened when the Yankees traded for Stanton.

The rumblings then starts 3 days prior and continued softly till Friday evening when it got hecka strong. I expect the same here.

Now as I noted earlier, this is a brand new Yankees source feeding me this info. I do not yet trust him BUT… as I said as well my better sources confirmed it though weirdly.

Let’s wait a few days and see what happens. I am as much and if not more anxious to see this trade happen then you are.

This trade could make my reporting career, or should it be a peritrated hoax to get me, kill it. I am taking a major risk here! Roll with me and have faith my friends!

Bear in mind as well every time a fake one is put out a major reporter almost instantly refutes it. That has not happened for some reason.

I took the liberty of asking a few and was told by all 4 I asked just wait till Friday. They know something as well.








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