No Team Captain for the Yankees?

Its something that Yankees fans hate. The Yankees have not had a team captain since the greatest SS ever Derek Jeter retired.

Yankees Try to Calculate the Value of Derek Jeter's Legacy - The New York  Times

The question is why?

Well they have only had 2 in the last 50 years in Jeter and Manningly (Note: I do not count Guidry and Randolph a they were do captains).

As of right now no player has earned it even though Aaron Judge is the team leader according to every Yankees player.

My good friend Paul Juliano brought up a majorly good pint about when Judge has not been appointed team captain though:

I disagree that its a joke due to Judge benign considered the team leader by every player on the team BUT…. Paul is 100% right!

Judge absolutely must play another 150+ game season before the Yankees even consider it.

The Joke is anyone calling OF Brett Gardner the team captain when he’s got less then 50 games left as a Yankee and most current players hate his guts!

Most current Yankees can’t stand how much he is playing with how pathetically he is playing. He’s cancer.

Anyways… No there is no way the Yankees will not appoint a team captain any time soon. Its just not happening.

No player has come close to earning it at this point other then Aaron Judge who must stay healthy for another full season to earn it.

Keep in mind we’re talking about placing a player with all time great Derek Jeter, Thurman Munson, Don Manningly, ETC!

Cool your jets as this is never happening! SOP IT! as my other good friend Pete Simonetti says!

We’re gonna have to wait a while for the next Yankees team captain!








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