More MAJOR Updates from Yankees GM Brian Cashman HIMSELF:

Today Yankees GM Brian Cashman took some time AWAY from working on the Yankees roster moves to discuss things with The Yankees TV station the Yes Network.

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Lets start with the Yankees payroll.

Cashman just nuked that fake belief the Yankees won’t go beyond $210 Million with this emphatic statement:

The Cubs and Dodgers among a few other teams are currently ABOVE $230 Million so yes the Yankees are 100% spending.


On the Yankees infield he made a few interesting remarks.

1st he said the Yankees are working all out on bringing DJ LeMahieu back and are talking trades of Gleyber Torres.

MLB Network’s Jon Morosi also said this morning that the Yankees are 100% IN on the trade talks for Star SS Francisco Lindor and he would be surprised if they do not get him.

Its apparent the Yankees want to fix the defense. This does leave Torres as the odd man out. Or at 2B in a rotation with Dj as super utility man.

At this point the Yankees plan is becoming far more clear.

  1. 1A resign DJ LeMahieu
  2. 1B trade for Francisco Lindor
  3. 2 acquire 2+ SP’s
  4. 3 acquire 2+ Relief pitchers
  5. 4 add Lefty power bats like Schwarber and Brantley

That’s the Yankees plan. They are going to approach and if not slightly pass the $230 Million mark with the payroll.

Cashman is hard at work making these minor but DESPERATELY needed changes! Stay alert! It should start going down VERY, VERY soon!

Update on RHP Trevor Bauer.

The Yankees are confirmed to be 100% in on him BUT… So are the same 4 teams that were allegedly in on Cole last year in the Angels, Dodgers, Mets, and Phillies respectively.

Heck even the Padres and Giants have been connected to Bauer as they were to Cole.

The Question therefore is WHY THE PERELLELS? Very hard to say… Grab some popcorn and see what happens.

Finally I am really starting to LEGITIMATELY wonder if the reporters are unwittingly lying to us.

I wonder if they are being told ‘NEW YORK’ will get said player only to automatically assume its the Mets and not Yankees be referenced here.

Theses same industry sources guaranteed Realmuto to the Mets after all and that never happened…

Could this be the case? Makes perfect sense to me!








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