Major update on the Nolan Arenado front. He’s as good as traded! STAY ALERT!

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There’s a brand new update on the Nolan Arenado front. He released a short statement and its obvious from it his agent is working with the Rockies to trade him to the team of his choosing! Here’s the statement:

Its clear from, his agent involvement and such he’s as good as traded already. He’s a perennial all star as his stats show*. Check them out for your self.

The question now is WHERE IS HE GOING?

We know a few thoughts.

  1. Yankees as Andy Martino stated a year ago and later backed up. It makes perfect sense. Yankees could upgrade over a yet unproven Gio Urshella and defensive liability in Miguel Andujar.

      2. Dodgers are reportedly in but a long shot.

      3. The Angels? as he’s from So-Cal but they did already sign Rendon so no go here…

      4. Jon Morosi speculated the the Cardinals and Rangers would be among the suitors though I don’t see how. His no-trade clause blocks them.

       5. The Braves? A long shot but not likely as they seem more inclined to get Gio Urshella or Miguel Andujar from the Yankees they make a big splash for Nolan Arenado… They also seem ready to hand the reigns to Austin Riley.

      6. Nationals? No very likely. They seem ready to move on with Carter Keibom at 3B. They also added 3 other infielders already.

Yet to be seen if any other teams that could get involved. If we go off of these it narrows down fast due to his full no trade clause. The major thing here is HE ALONE CHOOSES HIS DESTINATION. He will say  want to go win a title with the Yankees or return home to the Dodgers. The Rockies already stated they won’t trade him within the NL and let alone NL West. This eliminates the Dodgers as well as other NL teams. 

To summarize: Nolan Arenado is working with his Agent and the Rockies GM right now to be traded to a team of his choosing. This will be done by Spring training from what I can tell (There’s a ton to be done before it will really be known). There’s very, VERY few teams with what the Rockies want. That is a Young, Controllable RH hitting OF, Young Controllable SP, and maybe a Catcher of the future. They are the Yankees, Dodgers, and Braves. Lets see what happens. Yankees have to be the favorite due to having talked with the Rockies about it last year and already knowing what it will take.


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