MAJOR Mookie Betts Rumor Surfacing!😲😲😲😲

I have been hearing for about a week know a very interesting Mookie Betts Rumor. I have been trying to decide whether to post about it or not. We’ll here it goes…

Red Sox already haunted by Betts trade - New York Daily News

Keep in mind 2 thi9ngs.

  1. Stanton has a opt o0ut clause to make a decision on within the next few months.
  2. Mookie Betts is a duie hard lifetime Yankees fan who’s about to be a FREE AGENT.

So… about 2 weeks ago my Cousin (Yankees Assistant GM) told me the Yankees are contemplating using Stanton’s opt out clause this offseason to leverage a trade that would send STAR OF/DH Giancarlo Santon to the Dodgers for Mookie Betts.

Why does this nmkae perfect sense? well…

  1. Stanton is a lifetime die hard Yankees fan FROM THE LA AREA. He would love this.
  2. Clearing Stanton’s Contract makes room for Betts Contract.
  3. Gardner is going to be a FA clearing a OF spot.
  4. Betts is a lifetime die hard Yankees fan from Tennessee. The east side of the country.

So what would this trade look like? Something like this:

Yankees get OF Mookie Betts on a 10 Year $300 Million + INCENTIVES contract.

Dodgers get OF Giancarlo Stanton and the $38 Million from the Marlins going to the Yankees. A Yankees pitching prospect like RHP Jonathan Loaisiga.

This also gives the Dodgers their DH for the new Universal DH rule.

It removes one of the Yankees many DH guys and creates flexibility for them.


I for one would be all for this. What to you guys think though?

Let me know in the poll.

Should the Yankees and Dodgers do this mega sign and trade?

Obviously it would be hard to do but there are the teams and players to do it!








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