Luis Severino Now Shows the Known Sign of a Blown Out UCL. Now What?

Bryan Hoch just broke the news that Luis Severino has forearm stiffness/tightness. This has long been known to be the sign the UCL has torn/been blown out. Now what?

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Here’s the Tweet from Hoch:

So at this point DR Chris Ahmad will conduct tests and see how bad the tear is. Then give a prognosis. Something tells me its worse then Tanaka’s was, that has now healed. It would not have lingered sense last post season otherwise.

Sevy is 100% done for 2020. So sad… How do the Yankees replace him? EASY!

They have enough young guys and depth to handle it. Cole makes this loss far, FAR easier as well. This guarantees Gumby is in the rotation. Now it almost guarantees a spot for Mike King, Clarke Schmidt, or Deivi Garcia. The stakes just skyrocketed for them.

I would have to guess its Clarke Schmidt’s spot to lose. Gumby is no guarantee either! 2 of the others could easily get spots. IF I had to rank them in likely hood of spots its this:

  1. LHP Jordan Montgomery
  2. RHP Mike King
  3. RHP Clarke Schmidt
  4. RHP Deivi Garcia

Remember there’s 2 spots up for grabs now not 1. Mike King and Gumby have the MLB experience thus their the favorites but its very close.

I guess we are headed for #NEXTMANUP 2.0… YIKES…







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