Lets Take A Look at Another Prospect We Will See Debut This Year: Deivi Garcia:

The Yankees signed Deivi Garcia as a International FA in 2015. Sense he has risen up the Yankees system as one of the best ptching prospects in the game.

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He is a 5’10” RHP. He features a 95+ MPH fastball, an absolutely nasty Curve ball, A great Changeup, and above average Slider.

He projects to be a top of the rotation arm. His average projections in the simulator are: 13-5 3.05 ERA 205 K’s, and 210 IP. His best projection was: 22-1 2.01 ERA, 259 K’s, 229 IP. These are with everything going perfect and he develops perfectly.

He is ranked in every top 100 Rankings with a highest of 23rd and a lowest of 54th.

Deivi Garcia most closely and almost identically compares to the Mets Marcus Stroman but also projects to be better then he has ever been. Garcia is a bit bigger and has better stuff then Stroman ever did.

When will we see Garcia debut: THIS YEAR GUARANTEED! Could be on the big league club to start the season. He’s proven that much and Yankees Pitching Coach Matt lake loves him that much.

My best guess is he is called up in may or June after some time in AAA and more developing. Bottom line is he will be debut this year and will have a major impact on the post season and WS runs.







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