Lets Take A Look at A Yankees Prospect Who Has ALREADY DEBUTED and Will Pitch in the Majors Again This YEAR: Mike King:

Mike King is a Yankees RHP Prospect who Happens to be my cousin. He’s already pitched in the Majors and thus will again this year and will have a MASSIVE impact!

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He from a part of my Family I never knew. I know he’s related to me as I researched it. He comes from my Great Grandpa’s, Brothers part of the family. They went back east while the rest stayed out west. He’s my 2nd Cousin to be exact. ANYWAYS…

The 6’4″ 210 pound RHP Mike King Was a 12th rounder by the Marlins before instantly getting shipped to the Yankees as part of the Martin Prado Trade package.

King projects as a middle to top of the rotation guy. Another Yankees pitching prospect with a 95+ MPH fastball and multiple above average off speed pitches. His fastball normally sits in the 91-94 range but he hits 95+ all the time. Matt Blake wants him to throw his FB at higher speeds more.

His projections from the simulator were for the best season 23-4 with a 2.28 ERA, 247 K’s, and 229 IP. TRUE ACE STUFF. His average projections were 20-8 with a 3.08 ERA, 2021 K’s, and 208 IP. True top of the rotation stuff.

As I mention he already debuted. Thus he has the inside track on the 5th starter spot and making the BIG League roster out of ST. I believe he will get the 5th starter spot.

Get excited for this kid as he has a great sealing and especially if Matt Blake is as good as advertised. Mike King is the real deal and has look amazing thus far in ST!







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