Jeff Passan confirms the Yankees are after Trevor Story and Joey Gallo and Other Notes!

Yesterday live on ESPN, top baseball reporter Jeff Passan confirmed the Yankees are believed to be all over OF/INF Joey Gallo and INF Trevor Story in trade deadline talks. Here’s part of his much longer story:

For whatever reason this is the only part of his bit available on twitter… Only video clip anyone can find. Also curiously has the part WHERE HE MENTIONED ME, THE KING SOURCE, edited out…

He right after this where it cuts off he went on to say: “Also I can confirm that yes the Yankees are 100% after Joey Gallo as well and I would be surprised if both Gallo and Story are not Yankees by the end of June!

Passan also mentioned where the Yankees are furious with Torres for his piss poor play at SS, and should be looking to replace him, and want to address other area’s to fix this team.

At this point one must ask… I am so good and predicting baseball moves I am psychic or do I actually have the sources and always have? WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES PEOPLE! YOU DON’T GET INTO THE BIZ AS I HAVE AND BE NEAR AS SUCCESSFUL AS ME WITHOUT SOURCES! You fail very quickly without sources actually!

Passan is not the only reporter saying this either. Nearly all top reporters are now connecting Story and Gallo to the Yankees. Nearly all of them.

Here’s Ken Rosenthal’s thoughts from today:

EXCUSE ME??? The Yankees have an absolutely LOADED FARM! Yikes what bad takes HOWEVER… Notice even he is saying look for the cheaper deals like Gallo and STory who COMBINED are owned are $13 Million the rest of this season.

At this point we must ask what are the trade packages going to look at? Well we know.

For Joey Gallo: 

1 top level prospect. 1 mid level, and a lower level or 2. Something like Peraza, Dunn, and 2 lower level guys gets Gallo.

I give this a 100% chance of happening! Classic Cashman move and we know for a fact the teams are working on such a trade.

For Trevor Story:

2 top level player and a lower level player. Something like Volpe or Torres, Garcia, and a lower level guy gets Story.

You may be asking: What are the levels? Easy answer! It is the ranking in the farm system. top 25 ranged prospects are top level. 26-50 and mid level and ETC.

I give this a 98% chance of happening! As Jeff Passan confirmed its in the works.

Now when will these trades be done is your next question right?

Well per BOTH Jeff Passan and Ken Rosenthal the pressure mounting on the Yankees to make the necessary trade’s RIGHT NOW is getting to the boiling point and 100% forcing their hands to make them now rather then wait for the draft.

The rumblings are getting very, VERY loud right now.

Its more then ever apparent the Yankees are both getting pounded with pressure and feeling said pressure!

I have to predict AT THE VERY LEAST 1 mega level trade by the Yankees BEFORE THE END of June.

Lets talk about other names connected to the Yankees and give a % chance it happens and why:

RHP Max Scherzer:

25% chance to be a Yankee.

Why? I so wanted to say 0% but we know the Nats and Yankees are in contact ABOUT HIM! however I will give it some chance despite his contract ending any chance at it.

1B Anthony Rizzo:

50% chance to be a Yankee.

I just don’t know if the Yankees value the 1B position and production there enough to make such a genius move. Also does Chris Gittens block such a move?

OF Bryan Reynolds:

0% chance to be a Yankee. The Pirates are showing absolutely ZERO interest in even talking about trades around him! Its not happening!

INF/OF Ketal Marte:

65% chance to be a Yankee. More chances to happen then most. Again we know the Yankees are in talks with the D-Backs about him. Stay alert here though I do not see it happening myself.

RHP Luis Castillo:

85% chance to be a Yankee. All the Yankees have to do is make an offer here and he’s there’s now. He’s been that bad this year almost as if trying to force this trade.

OF Charlie Blackmon:

68% chance to be a Yankee. I give this one a higher chance they I wanted too as he’s very, VERY likely to end up in the package with Story.

1B Ryan McMahon:

50% chance to be a Yankee. Again a player I don’t see moved but could easily be added to the package with Story.

OF/1B/DH Ryan Haniger:

40% chance to be a Yankee. I don’t see it happening but it does reek classic Cashman move.

OF/C/1B/DH Anthony Santander:

65% chance to be a Yankee. Higher then you’d think as Ken Rosenthal himself made this connection.

OF Cedric Mullins:

50% chance to be a Yankee. Lower odds then Santander but still the Yankees are after BOTH O’s switch hitters per Ken Rosenthal’s reports.

LHP John Means:

0% chance to be a Yankee. Not being moved so stop talking about it Yankees fans!


The Yankees are checking out and have checked out several players already and will continue to do so. I always expect a stunner of a trade. We all should. Its Cashman’s way!

Remember to always think like Cashman and think about the cost effective deals like Gallo, Story, Marte, ETC.








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