I’M BAAAAACK! Also Yankees Offseason Updates from Brian Cashman Himself!

I am finally back! My Website is back! So freakin excited! Lets get cooking! Here’s the absolute latest on the Yankees from their GM Brian Cashman himself:

MLB rumors: Yankees' key obstacles in DJ LeMahieu reunion - nj.com

Lets start with what is on everyone’s minds.

DJ LeMahieu:

Brian Cashman all but guaranteed Dj is staying with the Yankees confirming he is working all out with DJ’s agent to get it done ASAP! This will break at any time!

Starting Pitching:

Cashman confirmed he is working on everything for starting pitching and leaving no stone unturned.


The Yankees are 100% in the Trevor Bauer sweepstakes! Get excited Yankees fans. I do think it is more likely they use the trade rout but yes the Yankees are in on Bauer!

Also when Cashman was asked he said this is the Yankees current rotation:

  1. RHP Garret Cole
  2. RHP Luis Severino
  3. LHP Jordan Montgomery
  4. RHP Deivi Garcia
  5. RHP Clarke Schmidt

Notice no Domingo German… He’s 100% trade bait!

Cashman went on to emphasize he will add more pitching. Also completely dodged the questions about RHP Masahiro Tanaka confirming he is 100% gone.

C Yadier Molina:

He is flat out pissed off as all get out at the Cardinals offer he called mockery to his name!

As such he has ramped up talks with the Yankees. Not sure if it happens but talks with the Yankees and Molina are heating up. This is very note worthy.

SS Francisco Lindor:

Let me make this clear! THE YANKEES ARE 100% IN ON HIM! Cashman emphatically confirmed this when asked last night stating:

“Torres is a SS but he’s better at 2nd base. I am fully checking out ALL OPTIONS! I have ruled nothing out and yes I am in constant contact with Mike(Chernoff) The Indians GM”

This emphatically confirms the Yankees are 100% in on Lindor. The Yankees remain as they always have been the landslide favorites for Lindor!

Yankees-Pirates trade:

We learned a few days ago that the Yankees and Pirates are working hard on a trade that would send switch hitting sensation 1B Josh Bell and RHP Jamison Tallion to the Yankees.

We also know the Yankees have asked about Utility man Adam Frazier RHP Joe Musgrove in the talks.

The Pirates do not want to move Frazier but a trade between these teams is going down according to industry sources.

This is part of a plan by the Yankees to get 1B Josh Bell to replace 1B Luke Voit and then Trade Voit for Switch Hitting SS Francisco Lindor and RHP Carlos Carrasco.

A genius plan! Lets hope Cashman and CO pull it off!

RHP Archie Bradley:

The Yankees remain in talks with Bradley to fill Tommy Kahnle’s void.

Bradley shared the picture below that got Yankees Nation stirring:

I guess he wants to be a Yankee? That’s CC Sabathia’s jersey! HAHAHA The talks are strong and the Yankees are the landslide favorites here.

INF/OF Kyle Schwarber:

The Yankees remain the landslide favorites for the former Cub. He loves the idea of playing in Yankee Stadium. I would be shocked if it does not happen.

INF/OF/DH Michael Brantley:

The Yankees remain the favorite for Brantley as well but he’s starting to get a some suiters building up as 8 teams have now checked in on him.

The Yankees however remain the favorites for his services and the only team currently in active talks with him.

OF Brett Gardner:

Yankees GM Brian Cashman confirmed last night the Yankees have absolutely ZERO interest in Gardner and have told him to move on and find another team. He’s 100% gone!

That’s it for now. I will post updates as I get them!








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