How the Yankees Can Fix Their Issues.

As the Yankees move into another series against the Rays tomorrow, they have glaring, major issues to fix. As my friend Paul Juliano said the Yankees have not acquired the right guys:

The Yankees needed DESPERATELY to land another starter who can get deep into games to help out ACE Garrit Cole. They didn’t. They added a bunch of question marks.

Then again they DESPERATELY needed another high average bat and again they added question marks…

Now yes we do know Hal Stienbrenner is a major, MAJOR problem here. Cashman has to convince Hal to make any deal as this article shows.

Hal is the biggest issue the Yankees have.

Let’s look at a list of players the Yankees “PASSSED” on and the real reason the deal(s) were not done:

  1. RHP Justin Verlander – Verlander HIMSELF blocked any chance the Yankees had with his no trade clause.  He refused to be traded to the Yankees.
  2. RHP Max Scherzer – Cashman was working on a deal but HAL STIENBRENNER nixed it refusing to spend on him.
  3. LHP Madison Bumgarner – Cashman had trade set up at the trade deadline in 2019 but AGAIN HAL STIENBRENNER nixed it blocking the trade.
  4. RHP Zack Grienke – He (Grienke) refused to even talk to the Yankees. Wants nothing to to do with the Yankees.
  5. LHP Patrick Corbin – Hal refused to go to 6 years to get to done. Hal nixed another one.
  6. RHP Shohei Otani – Otani refused to talk the Yankees. Otani nixed this one.
  7. RHP Yu Darvish – Hal 3, THREE times nixed any chance at this one.
  8. RHP Trevor Bauer – Yankees rightfully stay away after the Indians refused to trade with the Yankees.
  9. RHP Mike Clevenger – Indians again refuse to even talk trades with the Yankees.
  10. RHP Corey Kluber NOW A YANKEE after YET AGAIN the Indians refuse to trade him to the Yankees.
  11. RHP Charlie Morton – Hal Stienbrenner TWICE nixes Cashman’s attempts at him.
  12. LHP Dallas Keuchel – Hal nixes any attempt at him.
  13. ETC.

The list goes on but shows if the pitcher was interested in the Yankees, that Hal Stienbrenner was the sole issue.

That being said how do the Yankees address this issue now?

  1. Make Hal sell the team to a real owner who will run the Yankees right. (Though my family has a combined net worth of over $25 Billion don’t ask… They (The rich part of my family) won’t spend no anything… They don’t even give me a dime.)
  2. Suck it up and trade for a top tier SP.
  3. Try and hit the lottery with all the young pitching coming u through the Yankees farm.

#2 is obviously the best option as of right now. So which top end SP’s would be available?

Well the Reds are playing well enough Their ACE RHP Luis Castillo is not an option right now.

The Rockies are just plain terrible so their ACE RHP German Marquez is a top option as is another Rockies starter, RHP Jon Gray.

Should the Yankees go this rout they can also address other issues by trading for INF Trevor Story (Career .280 LEFTY hitter averaging 31 HR’s per season) and OF Charlie Blackmon (Career .303 hitter averaging just over 20 HR’s per season.) while they are at it. 2 high average guys with power to fix the Yankees biggest holes.

That’s the blockbuster rout.

The other one is Mariners LHP Marco Gonzales. The M’s are off to a very hot 6-5 start for such a bad team so highly unlikely.

Outside these guys there’s almost no top of the rotation arms available.

It seems like the Yankees and Rockies need to match up on a major trade! Something like this:

Yankees Get: 

RHP German Marquez

OF Charlie Blackmon


SS Trevor Story (+Extend him ASAP)

Rockies Get:

RHP Clarke Schmidt

OF Estevan Florial/OF Aaron Hicks

1B Luke Voit

RHP Albert Abreu

RHP Luis Medina


INF Tyler Wade

Lots of MLB experience going back to the Rockies and lots of good payers including a reclamation project. Its a win-win! Also possible for a 3rd team to be involved.

This seems like BY FAR the Yankees best option! Fixes the rotation, infield defense, and adds a desperately need Lefty power bat.

In doing such a trade the Yankees can DFA Bruce and Gardner and let Blackmon play CF. He is a lefty power hitting that would rake in Yankee Stadium.

By getting Story the need for Voit is gone. DJ LeMahieu the Yankees 6’5.8″ 2B can move to 1B. The Yankees could either A. call up star prospect Chris Gittens or B, call up Mike Mike ford to handle some 1B duties when needed.

The Yankees could then have Torres and Odor handle 2B. It would create a ton of versatility for the Yankees.

The other option is trading for Joey Gallo and get him away from the Hapless Rangers… Not to likely.

Any way you put it though, the Yankees have options to fix things but have to act now! There’s awaiting on this anymore. ACT NOW!








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