How the Yankees Can Afford Whomever They Want:

People keep saying the Yankees OF ALL TEAMS cannot afford to add any more players after the Cole signing. They couldn’t be more wrong!

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The fact is the Yankees can afford whomever they want! AS many players as they want! Here’s how:

There’s several factors here. They are:

  1. Ellsbury’s contract will be voided and is part over over $150 Million coming off the books the next 2 years. He clearly broke MLB, CBA, and contractual rules in seeing a unapproved Dr and Clinic.
  2. The 2021 CBA is going to destroy the Luxury tax. Word flying around baseball is owners want the Luxury tax gone and will force it in he 2021 CBA. See my other article on the Yankees Financial situation for more on this.
  3. The Yankees buyback of the Yes Network completely changes EVERYTHING in what the Yankees will do! IT will literally DOUBLE their yearly income!
  4. The Yankees can have guys like Mike King, Gumby, Clarke Schmidt, Deivi Carcia, and ETC if not traded take over Tanaka, and Paxton’s spot to clear even more salary if they wanted.
  5. The Yankees farm is so loaded the Yankees have 20+ guys they have no choice but to trade! Why for for Arenado, Lindor, Hader, and etc?

People, The Yankees are in the best spot in BASEBALL financially and trade piece wise in the game. They even have 10+ MLB EXPERIENCED guys(Estrada, Gio, Andujar, Frazier, Holder, Wade, AND ETC) to trade. NO OTHER TEAM CAN SAY THAT! The Yankees literally control the trade market. If hey want a player then can and will go get the player! We know for a fact the Yankees want Nolan Arenado, Francisco Lindor, and Josh Hader. Maybe others we don;t know about! ITS NO HOLDS BARRED HERE!

The Yankees can also trade J.A. Happ in a Arenado or Hader or even Lindor deal to lower their payroll from the $223.2 Million its at(I do not count Ellsbury’s $$ or the $12 Million extra counted from Arbitration the Yankees never paid) if they want to. THE YANKEES CAN LITERALLY DO WHATEVER THEY WANT RIGHT NOW! Relax people! 

BY Adam King






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