Gleyber Torres Now With 6 ERRORS This ST and 3 Other Plays That Should’ve Been Ruled Errors.. What Now?

Gleyber Torres just committed his 6th error this ST. That’s 3 times as many as ANY OTHER PLAYER I THE GAME! He also had 3 other plays that should’ve been rules errors. What do the Yankees do now?

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This is beyond alarming at this point. Is he proving he can’t actually handle SS? Is he forcing the Yankees to go get Lindor? Well something has to be done!

Michael Kay said weeks ago: “I’m not sold that Torres will actually be the opening day SS. I don’t think it happens!” (NOTE: I tried to find the tweet in which he said this but to no avail!)

I’m afraid I have to agree with Kay at this point. Torres is proving he can’t do the job.

This is way to important a position to let Torres keep botching. Something has to be done and just leaving Torres at SS is not the Answer.

What options do the Yankees have? Lets take a look:

  1. Trade for Francisco Lindor. He is forcing his way out of Cleveland and the Yankees are the favorites according to MLB Networks Jim Duquette.
  2. Put Thairo Estrada at SS. He’s natural at the position and can easily handle it.
  3. Sign SS Addison Russell. Not the spicy addition and would come with several questions but yeah a viable option.
  4. Try to get Trevor Story. Some think he’s available and would come kinda cheep. I personally do’t see this happening and have been told its a long shot.
  5. Try to pry Corey Seager from the Dodgers. Extreme long shot at this point but could be done. Dodgers seem to have made him available.
  6. Try around the game until some team bits ad ships the Yankees a good defense SS like Jean Segura from the Phillies. Not very realistic but yeah could happen.

What ever the Yankees decide they need to do it FAST! Gleyber Torres is proving he is not the answer at SS. He cannot handle it.

I believe the Yankees will go get Lindor. It makes the most sense of what I have heard around the game thus far and for the Yankees options. Lets see what they do as something must be done ASAP!







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