Big Dog Reporters Confirming What I reported Again! Aaron Judge is Ahead of Schedule and Doing Great:

Its always funny when the big dog Reporters confirm what I report nearly every time. This time its great news for Aaron Judge! He’s well ahead of schedule and feeling great.

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Here’s the report out this morning:

That next CT scan will be huge. The fact the pain has gone away is huge in and of its self.

I found that most people panicked here without knowing the full story. It was a stress fracture and not a full fracture so it was never going to be a long term thing.

Calm down people Judge is roaring back with Stanton.

When will he return? Judge himself said early to mid April. This is on par with where his recovery is at. I would say mid April makes the most sense to me.

There is word the MLB may shove opening day back though… Its not a MLB reporter saying it however though not sure that’s to be trusted. The NCAA is about to suspend their season as almost every sports league in the US is now doing INCLUDING THE WWE. Still crickets from the MLB.

We will see what happens BUT… the fact of the matter is Judge is getting better very quickly so be happy Yankees fans!







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