ALDS Game 1 Preview:

The Yankees and Rays both swept their way here in far different ways.

Series Preview: New York Yankees vs. Tampa Bay Rays (7/23-7/25)

The Yankees blew their way here with a unstoppable offensive attack! Literally every hitter contributed! They are a unbelievably focused group!

The Rays got here through their grossly overrated pitching. Keep in mind the Jays hitters are brand new to the postseason and were not prepared…,of%20their%20wild%2Dcard%20matchup.

The Rays also mightily struggled to score against the Blue Jays terrible, TERRIBLE pitching staff. The Yankees staff its astronomically better. The Rays are in trouble here.

The Rays barely averaged 5.5 RPG against a staff that allowed 6.8 RPG in the regular season. That’s not good. If they have the same split against the Yankees they’ll be lucky to score 3 RPG…

The Yankees however threw up 11 RPG against he best pitching staff in the majors. That spells certain doom for the Rays staff. The Yankees beat the crp out of the AL’s top pitcher Shane Bieber.

They also pitched pretty well outside allowing inherited runs to score. Something to work on there.

The Game 1 matchup is Yankees ACE RHP pitcher Garrit Cole the best the game has to offer going against Rays LHP Blake Snell whom the Yankees bats have historically owned!

Massive advantage for the Yankees.

For Snell this is the 1st game all year against the Yankees where every Yankees bat is healthy and roaring to go! He’s in huge trouble.

For Cole just keep on keeping on! Prove you are an ACE!

The Yankees have a massive, MASSIVE advantage today.

The final factor is where the game is going to be played. While the Rays are the home team all games this series will be played in San Diego’s, Petco Park.

Another gargantuan advantage for the Yankees. They don’t have to play in the crap heap in Tampa! Unbelievable advantage for the Yankees here!

My prediction: Yankees 5 Rays 1.








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