Aaron Judge Update is HERE Today and it Was Great, GREAT News:

Today the Aaron judge news came out. There was some great, GREAT news in it.

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First we now know its not the muscle causing the issue at all. Its a stress fracture in a rib. THIS IS AMAZING NEWS FOR YANKEES NATION! Several players have had this injury from Barry Bonds, to Gary Sheffield, to ETC but played through it.

A Stress fracture means the bone is intact but weakened. TS NOT A COMPLETE BREAK! Also its healing already. THIS IS GREAT NEWS! This means judge’s time table to come back is that much sooner. By mid April. If not early April.

THIS IS A SHORT TERM THING! So long as is handle right and no surgery is needed which due to it showing its healing NO SURGERY IS NEEDED. This falls under the fluke injury category as well. Its not muscle. NO related to muscle at all. This is great news and screams short term injury!

For those confused as to why the pain was in his shoulder and then pecs. The rib is in that area and all those muscles and nerves are connected. It makes perfect sense. The pain was merely resonating to those area’s away from the injury.

NOW… Should Judge avoid diving to avoid such injuries? NO! Emphatic no! Try to land softer yes though. Diving isn’t the issue. The old training staff is for not identifying it last year. That’s the major, MAJOR issue right there.

Two weeks rest should do it then a very quick return. Lets pray for the same with Stanton and the Yankees would be a roaring monster a swell. Even Paxton is due back in mid April. The Yankees are just fine.







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