There’s a Major Issue With Social Media and its Only Getting Worse… Lets Turn Our Hearts to God!

Social media is completely broken! It needs to be fixed ASAP! Only way how is for people to start being Christian again!

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I have been getting harassed non stop the last few days on social media. I made a post which was absolutely correct though not in the eyes of the political correct Dems and Fake Media. I AM AN INDEPENDENT! Always have been.

If you don’t follow the Libtard lies you get harassed and shammed non stop! This crap even got Jeff Passan to WRONGFULLY block me. I don’t care. That’s his bad. Anyone who blocked me or UN-followed me over my comments or posts were in the dead wrong. Its part of life though and 100% part of the issue.

Anyone who is so childish as to follow someone or block them or anything like this over their own personal belief has no business being on social media in the 1st place. That’s not what it is for or was ever meant for.

I will help my point with this: by sharing things about my self I never have before… TO ANYONE INCLUDING MY PARENTS AND SIBLINGS. To no one at all!

I once was as depressed as anyone but perfectly hid it. This due to being abused by everyone around me growing up. As such I have a very, VERY hard time trusting anyone! This harassment on social media only makes these issues worse.

I was abused in scouts. At home by my dad and others. In school. EVERYWHERE BY EVERYONE. I’m one of those. It made me so shy I completely crawled inside myself and would never talk to ANYONE! Let alone cute girls I liked. It got so bad it caused evil feelings. Suicidal and even homosexual. In time I learned to over come them and now I absolutely love girls. They are so special. I have the upmost respect for them and all female kind. I can’t wait to take a girl to God’s Temple and be married for time and all eternity! That will be the most amazing day ever!

I even know a girl I would marry in a heart beat if she would have me. I am working on it as best as I can with God’s help. I would love it if she read this. Maybe it would give her a better picture of who I am. OF why I like her and love her so much. I have had several opportunities to talk with her in person and such and she’s so amazing BUT… I closed up… I acted weak around her and gave her the wrong picture of me. With God’s miracles that will change and it will happen though!

I would love to tell her this: I learned to play the Piano, Organ and Music as a outlet for my frustrations and a thing I could do to feel better. I taught myself to play the organ so I would have something to do to get away from the scouts and leaders abusing me. I will specify at this time my abuse was in every way but sexual. I feel the need to specify that. I love music more then anything and want to marry a girl who does as well. I taught my self to read the weather, to be a mechanic, I trained to be a computer tech, and amateur chef, and so much more.

That’s what I became from all the stress, abuse and such I lived through. I know the need for this kind of crap to stop! I felt for that little boy who wanted to die due to being bullied in school. It hit way to close to home. I was close to death several times in my life. Form nearly drowning when I was 3 in a snake river drainage ditch, 2 car wrecks that should’ve killed me, a minor stroke, as sever a concussion as they come, EVEN CANCER to ETC. THERE’S LITERALLY NO REASON FOR ME TO BE ALIVE! God works miracles!

Listen, to the girl I really like. I respect you for dealing with depression as well as you have and coming through it so amazingly. I love you dearly as a friend. I have loved talking to you when the opportunity presented and can’t wait for the next one. Your that amazing. You are one of the most special young ladies God ever created. Your music proves it. You prove it! God molded you perfectly.

She like me pulled through depressions and such though we did it in our own ways. I found the release technique by Lester Levenson and it pulled me through and I am using it right now. People lets be better! Lets stop blocking people, un-following people, harassing people and etc over conflicts in beliefs in whatever facet they may be! That’s the exact opposite of what America was founded for and this world is about. That’s causing the issues. That’s letting evil win.

If Jeff Passan, or anyone else who reads this blocked me please learn forgiveness and unblock me and others you have harmed through such actions.

The way to live a good life and bring people together is by love. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE! That’s how to heal society. Not by harassing people and alienating people. FORGIVENESS AND LOVE ARE THE ANSWER! I pray for all souls no matter what! I pray for God’s forgiveness and mercies on everyone.

I always unblock people after a while and give second chances. That’s who I am. That’s who I will teach my kids when I and the special girl I end up marrying have them. Its only right!

Jesus himself said: “A new commandment I give unto you that Ye love one another as I have loved you!” Please people as Susan Evans McCloud said: Savior, may I love my brother, As I know thou lovest me, Find in thee my strength, my beacon, For thy servant I would be! Savior, may I love my brother, Lord, I would follow thee!” Lets be Christian and loving! Lets not chastise ANYONE! Lets stop berating, making fun of, or mocking ANYONE! That’s the wrong thing to do!

Lastly I would say… The way to fix social media is to love God. To love all men. To realize people have their beliefs and that’s their right! Let them have those beliefs! Let them be whom they are! The best way to handle any comment or post is to completely ignore it and send them love! Go talk to my friends at the Release Technique if you want real help! Learn to love! Even Warren Buffet teaches this! Let God heal our hearts and bring us the peace we need!








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