Why My Favorite All Time Golfer, Tiger Woods, Career May Be Over

I am heart broken at Tiger Woods severe car wreck and injuries. They may have sadly ended his career though.

Golfers took notice of his severe accident as well:

He has multiple compound fractures of his left leg, multiple ankle fractures, and a heel bon fracture. These are 1.5 year’s worth of healing time for a guy in his 20’s. Let alone the 44 year old Tiger Woods.

You see with the multiple plates and the rod put in his leg and ankle he has lost over 80% of his rotation in the joint and leg. This is incredibly serious.

I have a friend, who when he was 16 rear ended a car while riding his motor bide and destroyed his right leg. Very similar to Tiger Woods injury. He has a rod in his leg like Tiger Woods. Also a plate in his ankle. To this day 20 years later he has pain and such in that leg.

That’s why I have been worried for Tiger Woods. He’s 30 years older and such the recovery, and such will be that much worse. Take far longer.

My friend no longer has rotation in that leg. Can Woods get that back?

I have also had severe ankle injuries in my life including 3 times twisting ankles out of the socket while playing HS Sports.

I get what he’s gonna go through. Its gonna be tough!

I will always be 100% behind Tiger Woods on his recovery! He is in my prayers.

This will be his theme song the whole way through:

Lets all stand behind Woods on this nasty Journey.







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  1. Putin McCockiner Avatar
    Putin McCockiner

    You claim to have been in car accidents, had terrible concussions, had seizures, and survived cancer, yet you show no proof. All I ask is that you show proof of all of these horrific things so us fans and trust what your saying. Thanks in advance.

    1. Adam King Avatar

      How am I supposed to do that without breaching HIPAA? Knock it off troll!

      1. Putin McCockiner Avatar
        Putin McCockiner

        Hipaa doesn’t apply to the patient. Hipaa is a law that states that medical records cannot be given out without the patient’s consent. As you are the patient, you can give out your medical records.

        1. Adam King Avatar

          I used to train people on HIPAA… You are right. I will post a photo of the concussion happening tomorrow morning on Twitter.

  2. Gay Yankees Fan Avatar
    Gay Yankees Fan

    God does not hate homosexuality. You hate it. God loves all his creations. He created every human with care and some he made attracted to their own sex. Guess they do not teach that in Mormon school. Let people be people. You are SPREADING THE HATE. I am not a troll.

    1. Adam King Avatar

      Nice try! God made all Humans perfect WITHOUT HMOSEXUALITY! To say otherwise is to mock God who condemned Homosexuality! Go read Exodus 19, 20, and 21.

    2. Adam King Avatar

      Also I never said God hated anyone. Condemning a sin is far different from hating a person. Stop trying to make everyone bear the weight of your dicision!

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