The Deshaun Watson and Miami Dolphins Situation IS A COMPLETE MEDIA CIRCUS NOW! How Will This End?

So the Deshaun Watson situation took several turns over the last hour+ that make no sense. Its a complete Media Circus now!

It started with this:

Other similar reports stated someone high up in the organization and did not name Ross. It makes no sense. Who besides Ross could pull this kinda thing off?

Then quickly came rebuttals:

HUH? Why push back so hard on this NOW but not on anything till now?

Then more info dropped:

Yes the Dolphins just hit back at them selves saying YES THEY ARE INTERESTED IN WATSON! Then it gets crazier…

Flores is a Watson fan that is known. Is he a big enough one to try and force him to the Dolphins?

I doubt it but decided to do some checking myself…

Bare in mind my 2nd great Grandma Mary An Ross, is Stephen Ross’s great aunt. I come through her daughter and he (Stephen Ross) comes through her Brother of course. As such I have family ties to go through to find out info.

Before any of you can say I am not related or am lying here’s my family tree proving it:

Upon doing this I found out Ross is a fan of Watson but is not trying to force anything. There is definite interest there but Ross is not the one forcing it.

As for Robinson (In case any get confused that name on my family tree says ROBISON not Robinson. Don’t think I am related there.) of Yahoo Sports report yes Flores does like Watson but that’s about as much as was said.

As for Ross beliving in Tua, well… WHAT ELSE IS HE SUPPOSED TO SAY RIGHT NOW? I was told to put absolutely no stake or belief there whatsoever!

What an absolute media circus now!

SO… What is going to happen with Deshaun Watson? I will emphatically say NO ONE KNOWS! My gut says he ends up a Dolphins but yeah NO ONE KNOWS!








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