Eli Manning has retired. The End of the road for a future HOF! Canton Awaits!

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Eli Manning has now retired. I confirmed this with a good friend of mind who played with him on the Giants. I played on the BYU scout team against him. Lets take a look back at some of his accomplishments shall we?

Amazing! Ended Tome Brady’s perfect season bid as well. Truely a top 10- QB of all time! I would rank him 8 in this order:

  1. Dan Marino MIA

  2. Bob Griese MIA

  3. Drew Brees SD/NO

  4. Joe Montana SF/KC

  5. Peyton Maning IND/DEN

  6. Steve Young TB/SF

  7. Joe Thiesman NYJ

  8. Eli Manning

Eli has solidified his HOF case big time! My question is, will Eli be a 1st ballet HOF? He 100% should be! His Career accolades prove it! He’s also one of the few QB’s to be a ONE FRANCHISE PLAYER his whole career. Very, VERY few pull that off! He’s also 1 of only 12 QB’s all time with 2+ SB wins As ESPN shows here:


He is and was an amazing talent and even better person. He will truly be missed! Go and check his stats at NFL.COM and see for your self. He will be enshrined in the Pro Football HOF!*

What does his future hold though? Coaching? Broadcasting? He’s definitely going to be in TV adds as his brother Peyton is. I would guess he’ll get coaching interest BUT… would rather go into Broadcasting or T adds and such as his Brother did. Whatever he chooses he’ll be incredibly successful. What do you guys think?

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