Are the Dolphins Actually After Star QB Deshaun Watson?

Very interesting signs abound for the Miami Dolphins and Houston Texans. Signs point towards Watson being traded with the Dolphins, Panthers, ETC believed after him. Now it gets stranger! Just look at this:

Tyrod Talyor’s agent says he was promised the Texans starting job.


Digging further…

Just 3 days ago the Dolphins acquired Bednarik McKinney, a 6’5″ 268 Pound Linebacker, FROM THE TXANS from DE.OLD Shaq Lawson.

As such we know the sides are in contact.

Then the Dolphins resigned Watson’s close friend LB Vince Beigel.


Now the Texans sign Watson’s replacement?

Sure sounds like he sides 100% have a deal in the works and maybe even one of the 3 variety.

Are we looking to much into this? NOT A HCANCE!

Here’s just one such tweet indicating something is going on:

I could post hundred’s of these even from big time reporters.

As I mentioned earlier its not just the Dolphins who may be after Watson either.

The Panthers, Lions, Giants, Falcons, ETC have also checked in on him.

Just sayin its looking more likely then even Watson is on the verge o being traded!

Never forget Watson has said several times this offseason he will not play for the Texans again. He cleared out his locker as well.

The Dolphins among other are also eerily SILENT right now. Just sayin.

And now the Dolphins make a move signaling Tua is bout to get Traded:

The weirdness never ends here…