News out late Saturday evening confirms the BIG 12 has called up BYU and UCF and made them offers to join. Here’s how this is known:

NCAA rules clearly state no schools or conference can talk to schools outside their conference except if the school being contacted is getting an offer from the conference or is already in. Thus we can easily say at this point BYU and UCF have received offers to join the BIG 12 and have accepted them.

There’s also a confirmed 2nd meeting happening tomorrow morning to finalize the offers and get the schools in:

I have confirmed BSU is one of the schools being contacted as well as Tim Shephard:

There are confirmed talks between the BIG 12 and several schools:

Its unsure when they would officially join but word is BYU would join for the 2022 season with UCF, and after that, Cincinnati and BSU likely in 2025 or as soon as Texas and OU officially are in the SEC.

There are multiple plans in play here.

There’s lost of rumblings out there. Again the strongest one is the belief BYU and UCF will join for the 2022 season with BSU and Cincinnati joining in a few years or again as soon as OU and Texas officially bolt.

Also there’s a chance the BIG 12 decides to expand to 14 teams and beings in 2 of USF, Houston, SMU, Memphis, SDSU, and UCONN.

BYU has found a great ally as well as Kansas is pushing all out to get BYU is AS A FULL MEMBER:

WOW! This confirms that not only is BYU being added to the BIG 12 but they will be a full member leaving the cheating refs of the WCC behind!

The power rankings for chances to get a BIG 12 offers, odds thye get in and when they would be added, are this:

  1. BYU – 100% – 2022 season
  2. BSU – 99.9% -2025 season is the belief
  3. UCF – 100% – 2022 season
  4. Cincinnati – 99.9% – 2025 season is the belief
  5. Houston – 80% – if added 2025 is the belief
  6. USF – 75% – if added 2025 is the belief
  7. SDSU – 75% – if added 2025 is the belief
  8. Memphis – 50% – if added 2025 is the belief
  9. SMU – 50% – if added 2025 is the belief

As I say if I do not give 85% or better odds it remains a long shot. At this point all depends of the BIG 12 expands to 12, 14, or 16 schools or by 4, 6, or 8 schools.

Things are definitely happening and latest word is the offers should be made public within the next few days! Stay very alert folks!