This Trevor Bauer Saga has to END NOW! YIKES…

This Trevor Bauer FA is the biggest clown show ever! Please make it end sports God’s!

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I knew from the beginning it would be as soon as he brain deadly said it would come from him and his agents and then they started attack reporters non stop.

I knew they couldn’t keep tams from leaking it… THEY HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TOO! I know where he is going people! I knew 2 days ago.

I am not putting it out so as to protect myself from them attacking me. I did put out distractionary info too see what he would do and it seemed to start a clown show the last 2 days.

One reporter after another has been spewing out one lie after another in this shit show the last 2 days. I know what industry sources have told me.

I cannot stand the stuck up pricks known as Trevor Bauer and his agent Rachel Luba. I really, REALLY hope he goes to the Dodgers so he’s as afar away form the Yankees as possible but I know what I was told!

I even have proof Bauer’s agent(MAYBE HIM AS WELL) HACKED MY WEBSITE! No clue what I am going to do about this either… Their non stop attacks on me never seem to end…

I will be elated if Trevor Bauer ends up ANYWHERE BUT THE YANKEES!

That said I received this text from my main Yankees sources 2 days ago:

Yes I cropped it to protect their identity!

Anyways this Bauer clown show is so maddening fans are after him now:


And this one…

That’s just a few… There’s literally thousands of them! Those who know me best through social media channels can’t stand his guts and know I can’t either.

This soap opera complete clown show has to end! Its beyond time!







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